Livestock at Agua Verde


A military police officer was brought to the civilian police officer who suffered into a residential contract in the Agua Verde area in Curitiba at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday (27). The event, which started at 7am, began 7 hours. A BP from the Special Action Group (Bope) took hold of the researcher to attack and move the room on the 13th floor.

Already surrendered, a Samu medical team attended the investigation and was sent to the hospital. In the magazine, Bope found that there was no gun inside the room – the fear that he had a private gun.

The official armament of a police officer had previously been collected, because he was Responding to three internal Civil Police approaches: start-up inspection, control progress, and probationary probationary commission process. He has been with the company since 2013.

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The event was a major focus on the Military and Seaforth police force. Traffic was stopped in several streets.

One of the inspectors, who was in the police station of Piraquara, in the Metropolitan area of ​​Curitiba, was alone in the establishment where he lived on the 13th floor of the building at the corner of Brasílio Itiberê and Guilherme Pugsley (Gate Gate / Center). In addition to Bope's military police, teams from the Special Police Operations Center (Cope) and Civil Police Corridor also monitored the event.

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Police start at Agua Verde

Volunteers of the Military Police, reptiles, were called to the scene. They supervised the civilian policing activity of one of the nearby buildings, company.

The event restricted traffic in the area. In addition to Brasílio Itiberê, there was a block when Avenida Água Verde was circulated with the Rapid / Center Gateway and at its location. Avenida Água Verde and Bento Viana tour. But at about 10:30 a.m., the police removed the traffic at both rails, which were only blocked by Brasílio Itiberê, block where the building is located.


The residence has not been removed and the occupants of the other floor follow their railings during the incident. "In the morning, when I left my country, I came to a policeman at the gate to look after the people who left me. I returned, they said I could go into the building with my own risk. So, I'd rather stay out there, "said the banker He was in his position, Marcelo Furlan, a resident of company. "The situation is very tight and has made a great deal of disruption throughout the Agua Verde's neighborhood," to terminate the retirement of his person.

Agronomist Gerson Klepa tried to wait to finish the story of the room upstairs. "I went back to the building around 9:30 m and it seems like it is quiet. We have a police officer in our hall and no one can move to the 13th floor where the settlement is & # 39; happening, "he said.

José Batista de França, chief of the company's advice, said the police officer had no relationship with the others. However, he would hear himself well from inside. "15 days ago he also had a situation in which he killed himself. We have set out an event report and collected every document if necessary," he says.

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