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World Cup problem: If not related exercise

ÅRE (Dagbladet): The challenge will be in the combination of the Male World Cup in Åre today once, to 10:00. 12:00. That decision is confirmed after the jury meeting. 11:00 AM

The reason is strong wind.

– It's bad weather; here. Sun will be a & # 39; softening and tightening in Åre, and smoke is above the rocks and is very light. There are some signs and times of violence, says Thomas Haarstad, Dagbladet's reporter in Åre.

Yesterday, Kjetil Jansrud said the following is about the mix of the World Cup:

– A combination that responds well to the flight teams. It's not a fast quick profile, but it's hard to drive for those who are in a hurry. drove slightly down. The bullets and the earth need a different type of knowledge of the speed being quick. There is another mix where it was easy to go down. Then just sit in hockey and drive. Here it's worse, you need to be very innovative to see the speed is up. It is a lump for fast flight fans, saying Jansrud to Dagbladet.

I prefer to & # 39; Run mixing the day, but unfortunately no.

– It was difficult, because they drive down a hill from the beginning of a super-G, but also because they are (FIS) to & # 39; consider moving down the slalom. It's a brilliant thing in the FIS story that they do something like that. I feel that the name was </ i>; mixing me before they did, and at least now that they could move down the slalom.

Jansrud was angry after Olympic competition in 2018, as the hill was reduced, and the slalom came as planned. Jansrud at the time said he needed to be a brilliant thing to compete with the best technicians.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde is the largest Norwegian hope today at the beginning of 16. Sebastian Foss-Solevåg starts on number 25, and Rasmus Wingstad has numbered 32 and Adrian Smiseth Sejersted began 44.

Picture: NTB Scanpix

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