Living in a dark, cold climate is more likely to be & # 39; heavy drink


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There are calls for restriction on alcohol advertising in the winter

People living in cold climate with less sunshine are most likely to be alcoholic, according to a new study.

Research from the US has established a link between average temperatures, sunlight and alcohol hours.

There were data from 193 countries giving evidence that was; Increased weathering of grazing and liver disease.

A Scottish doctor now wants constraints in alcohol advertising during winter months.

The author, Ramon Bataller, director of the Liver Pittsburgh Research Center, said: "This is the first survey that shows that it is consistent throughout the world and in America, in coolest areas and areas less than sunshine, drink more drink and younger cirrhosis. "

Links to depression & # 39;

Alcoholism is a vasodilator, which includes blood vessels and its contents; Increase the flow of warm blood to the skin.

Depression is also associated with depression, which tends to be more common when sunlight is scarce.

The study, was published online in the Hepatology magazine, using data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Meteorological World Organization.

Dr Patrick McCann, Castle Craig Hospital Medical Advisor, drug revitalization clinic and alcohol residency in Scottish Borders, added to the report.

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It is cooler and less than we sink, and & # 39; affecting our alcohol

He said: "There is now a new evidence that the weather has a strong impact, and especially the temperature and amount of sunlight we are going on, the amount of alcohol that we use it.

"In addition, this alcohol is linked to our weather related to our potential for the most dangerous way to develop liver diseases – cirrhosis – which can terminate The latter end in the failure and death of the world. "

He also said: "There are more stringent laws on alcohol prices when we think of the adverse effects of sun-effects and cheaper alcohol consumption.

"Advertising laws with constraints during winter months should be dealt with strongly."

Evidence about the climate link comes to the way WHO is in a position; Providing new data on drinking alcohol in Europe at a meeting in Edinburgh on Monday.

He says that levels are still high and almost half of the adult numbers are at risk of both short and long term health and social problems as a result of illegal patterns.

Earlier this year, lower-priced legislation for alcohol has come to fruition in Scotland to try to deal with alcohol.

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