Living skin cancer smokers have the same chance


Smoking may limit the ability of the organization to fight a fight to skin, & # 39; recommends a UK survey.

Patients diagnosed with melanoma, with a history of tolerance, are 40% more likely to survive in this situation compared to people who have never been smoked, found the study in the Cancer Research magazine found .

Researchers at the University of Leeds have taken into account that this decision is an additional reason to terminate definitive smoking.

Smoking protection response was not as effective as those who had never smoked, which reduce their chances of living, as scientists have said.

"The immune system is similar to an orchestra, with several parts," said Julia Newton-Bishop, the principal author of Cancer Research UK's study.

"This research suggests that smoking would prevent the fuel in which everything works, and still be able to play musicians, but in an unconscious way, "she said.

The study was based on data collected from over seven hundred melanoma patients, a very severe skin cancer that is distributed to other groups. Smokers and older smokers had 40% less ability to live for 10 years after a review compared to non-smokers, according to search results.

In a small group of 156 patients with many genetic signals of protective cells, smokers showed about four or half times that were less likely to survive those who did not smoke.

Because smokers in this group did not have the least chance to survive, scientists noted that cigarettes can directly influence the body's ability to fight cancer cells in melanoma.

"The product shows that the smoker's body (s) can respond to a defense to try to destroy melanoma, but it does not appear to be less effective than non-smoking and Smokers have lower chances of cancer surviving, they got out, "explained Newton-Bishop.

"According to these results, people who have been proven by melanoma should be strongly recommended," said the specialist.

The researchers said that although the study identified smoking links and the opportunity to survive in melanoma, it does not show that smoking is directly dependent on the; this decline.

"In general, the results show that smoking can limit the potential of survival of melanoma patients, so it is especially important to support them all to stop smoking whole, "said Dr. Julia Sharp of Cancer Research UK.

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