LLN, the extension of learning language with Netflix


Netflix is ​​no longer a platform for entertainment. A small extension now allows you to learn another language while & # 39; as you look at the favorite movie or series.

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LLN for Language Learning with Netflix sends a modal to the player of the stream. This one shows the subtitles in the # 39; language studied and those in the observer's native language. So far there's nothing again. The detection of this device is automatically stopped automatically after each line of conversation. Detailed information because it is a & # 39; allows you to lose a word and talk about the translation.

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Indeed, it is possible to protect these permanent differences, through the expanding schedule. Those who want to focus on learning the language of the content that are being looked at & # 39; using the arrow keys on the keyboard to stop resetting, resume the last line of conversation, or address to the next or the last one.

There are several learning stages available, which show the most complex words and the most common crafts. LLN is available as an extension. For now, Google Chrome can only import it in its desktop version. All Netflix content does not affect. LLN offers a selection of films and a consistent series. In France, there are 82 entries in this catalog.

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