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Storytelling Alliance

Neeko is the next warrior Storytelling Alliance featured at the PBE test server today.

This type of warrior is usually able to make transformation as well as hosting the enemy. Compared to LeBlanc, this girl's ability was also & # 39; give more. If you go into the hands of skilled players, this is one of the things that are usually very good in the current goal.

And here is Neeko's entire attack:

Homily: Glamor mainstream

Neeko's presence shows ability to & # 39; turn in general. This allows the player to set up team companies nearby to use it or attack it.

C: Blooming Burst

Q is this girl almost like Jhin. However, if Jhin's destruction is reduced, the damage will be increased for the following sequences. Q Neeko does not move but if it is not & # 39; Fighting the enemy, and if he hits them, he jumped to another target and even jumped again if he hit the target.

In: Shapesplitter

Chieu W is one of the moves that Neeko will become the super tricks & # 39; in the LMHT. This skill allows players to change to a different location. However, instead of being attacked, it will be detected immediately, as above, the opponent must attack three times to find out what's true and where and where.

E: Tangle-barbs

This skill is similar to Zyra. If you are going across the opponent, this will increase your speed, speed and attack distance if it is; over two targets. The longest connection time of its rivalry will be connected.

R: Pop Blossom

Neeko's ultimate shift is a great scandal in the area when Neeko gets up and running. hitting the ground. Every challenge that stays in the circle will be damaged and damaged; get dozens of damage. However, the opponent does not seem to know if she is going to jump and go. shoes if Neeko is making it more common.

Thanh Niên Game does what is related to it Storytelling Alliance in the next article.

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