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Enel Bill: loyalty loyalty, why not pay the tax

Loyalty affiliate in the bill

In theory, subscribers to the plan Enelpremia WOW they should have been discounted on the bill. Instead, due to an error, the bonus bonus has been introduced to "transformation".

Enel bill: error was increased

The specialist magazines have gathered the reports with many users, so they have invited all those who have signed up to their program Enelpremia WOW to verify the gas bills. In theory, these had received a bonus of loyalty by downloading the Enel Energy mobile app, in a way they should get a donation of 5 or 10 euros on the invoice. On the other hand, the wonder was good when many found that this sum was not reimbursed from the bill but added. Enel can not call Enel's call but a mistake; firm.

Enel bill: waiting for change

In total, the spoil, so speak, It would be limited to just a couple of cases throughout Italy and would not disturb gas bills only. That says, it is better for those who got the bonus of loyalty to find out if the sum is added to the amount due in the bill or not. To do this, just make sure that the item is "Other VAT related items"; Below, something else that is related to the "loyalty bonds" should be reported below.

Initially, Enel informed the users involved that it would be enough to open an application and then return to the next bill. At the same time, many of the members of the program are Enelpremia WOW was sent to the company with a & # 39; company with a message or email message that was expressed for its willingness in the bill. "We invite you not to pay your bill, which you'll soon get corrected that includes the bonus bonus bonus bonus plus bonus plus" a & Send a warning to Enel; however, "if the active payment home, we will reduce the amount from the next bill, and believe the right bonus".



Last revision: Monday, 18 February 2019

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