Loan analysis Šiaulių bankas connected to Romanov


The case has been handed over to the Klaipėda Regional Court, the bank reported through the Stock Stock Nasdaq Vilnius.

7.5 million The loan was promised to the Nidos pušynas company, which is related to V. Romanov and his close companions, which were issued in 2012, before the bankruptcy of Ūkio bankas was issued, and a commitment was made to ownership of the company.

At this time, the contract has come to an end, Nidos pušynas has disappeared. In the case of Šiaulių bankas no financial bids have been shown, the bank says.

Court court examined the situation of the loan, charitable actions Loan Committee, managing head of the current Vytautas Sinius bank manager and two other bank staff – head of branch Šiauliai and CEO.

At the end of January, prosecutors confirmed another investigation of Nida's pine forest by 5.7 million. Value worth € 1 million. However, according to that, there is at least reliable data that the representatives of the Bank of Lithuania have ordered the unlawful actions.

The portal writes that there is a suspicion that Romanov has asked for a preliminary examination of raid on Nidos pušynas's settlement, and that the costs should be according to & # 39; port not only for V. Romanov, his sister Olga Gonchruk, but also the Chief Executive Šiaulių bankas V. Sinys, Director of the Treasury Department Pranas Gedgaudas and Chief of Šiauliai Skaidre Mendeliene.

By the end of 2012, Šiaulių Bankas spent about 7.5 mln. euro loan Some of the money was used to buy a number of property properties, but almost 4.5 million. In 2007-2008, it was transferred to V. Romanov and O. Gončiaruk accounts and was used for Ūkio bankas pledged to Šiaulių Bankruptcy resolved under repurchase contracts in 2007-2008.

In February 2013, Ūkio bankas led by V. Romanov, who was rescued in Russia, was unlocked and sentenced. May of the same year he was executed for a breach. At present, there are international procedures to ensure that Romanov's legal opportunities are met to be judged against the law.

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