Lochalsh: How many cigarettes are there in a bottle of alcohol?


By drinking bottles of 750 ml a week it is more likely to improve cancer in life, just as smoking 10 cigarettes a week for men or five men, according to new research. T

The research, carried out by the University of Southampton and Bangor University, in the UK, considers this to be a good comparator to explain the health risks associated with alcohol.

But, experts warned that smoking is included • a much higher risk of cancer rather than alcohol, for the majority of drinkers.

And they add to the ban that smoking is the only way to reduce the risk of smoking.

In the UK, authorities praise men and women Don't drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week, equals six pence (one pint is 0.56 liters) of beer or seven glasses of wine (bottles a half of wine).

Those recommendations also state that there is no "safe" boundary drink when it comes to health risks.

The study, published in the publication BMC Public Health, He says he can even drink in a technique used to make people vulnerable to cancer, especially breast cancer.

And alcohol

The authors of the survey estimate that in real life the risk of cancer in life associated with the consumption of wine each week is 1%.

Women who achieve the same conditions are 1.4%.

In women, alcohol use is associated with an increased risk breast cancer and, in men, at liver cancer and the gastrointestinal range.

Minouk Schoemaker, a scientist at the Cancer Research Institute in London, who investigates the causes of breast cancer, said the study provides an "exciting insight," but clarifies that the picture is complex.

“The overall picture is a danger of missing out very complex and time-consumingit is important to note that this new review is dependent on a series of assumptions, "he explained. t

"For example, it is difficult to completely separate the effects of alcohol and smoking, and the investigation did not cover the period of smoking or the time taken out of someone's smoking."

The investigation only examined cancer (it did not include any other illnesses related to smokers such as cardiovascular diseases or lungs).

He also used information from 2004 and did not consider it other elements that can cause cancer such as age, genes, diet and other aspects of life.

On the other hand, the number of "identical" cigarettes with alcohol consumption is when people smoke a lot more every day.

Many people ask how useful this study is.


"I am not sure that many people decide whether to smoke or drink after comparing the risks," said John Britton, center director for alcohol and tobacco studies at Nottingham University, United Kingdom.

The study shows that, in terms of cancer risk, smoking is much more dangerous than alcohol.

Smoking is also more dangerous from other diseases.

“If smokers fear their health is, the better they can stop smoking,” the doctor added.

“Drinking alcohol should live within proposals of 14 units each week," said Britton.

Bob Patton, a clinical psychology professor at Surrey University, United Kingdom, believes that the survey can change public vision.

"The results of this simple study are likely to have a profound effect on the way drinkers, particularly women, understand the dangers of drinking alcohol," he said.

"Seeing alcohol in the same way as smoking can reduce consumption and associated risks."

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