Loco Written about misleading offers from women


Can not save Scriptured Latin Star star out of his / her mail. These include many slimy news and illegal offers.

Since he hit "Adios" last year, Loco Escrito (28) has been established as a Swiss star. Surely, he gets a lot of news from followers on social media – a & # 39; including a lot of slippery stuff!

"Every day I get strange pictures of women", recognizing Writing Loco, the name of Nicolas Herzig and coming from Zurich Oberland. "Many are writing to me, they want to marry me. Especially Latin from South America. But the pudend is deeper at least. Some call me" Zältli "and write them they want to sing. »

He has already offered money for sex

But he's even harder: "A woman gave me 3,000 francs for sex. And an old gentleman asked me if I would sleep with his wife. Absurd! "

Herzig's message is, however, limited. "Certainly, homosexual men have already written to me that they would find me attractive. But I've never received penalty or anything like that. For one time, the Men are constrained again! ", He says with wink.

He would find interesting news stories

Writing is not finding the misleading offers that are interesting: "Indeed, as a 20 year old, I would have all the women been inspirational and that they would be paid fairly," statement Herzig. "But today I am the father of a girl who is nearly three years old, and I have other things in my head." He has had two nights with fans, but he did not. "I find something that lasts."

After all, many of the messages from fans are very beautiful and enjoyable. "When people write to you, how they have influenced my music and gave them strength, this is the best thing for me!"

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