Lodzkie: He wanted to avoid a boar. He went to a tree


53 minutes back

On Sunday, on the 91th between Piotrkow Trybunalski and Kamieńskie, an accident occurred in Lodz. A torch would go on the road. An opel driver, who wanted to avoid the animal, was hitting a tree. The man was injured.

According to PAP road staff, the event was held in Białocin between Piotrków Trybunalski and Kamieńskie.

According to the ePiotrkow.pl portal, a resident in the Piotrków Parish torc saw the road. The man wanted to avoid it, but lost control of his car and hit the tree. The wound was thrown into hospital.


As built by roadbuilders, after the crash one line was closed on dk 91, and a move was introduced. The problems lasted about two hours. At present, the road is completely possible.

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