Lomé-Commune, Muir and Plateaux, the largest areas that affect AIDS in Togo


One of December is annually celebrated worldwide, World AIDS Day (WWD).

In terms of activities, the 2018 World AIDS Day will be celebrated in Togo with a screening and carer just in three health areas of the country, such as: Lomé-Commune, Muir and Plateaux. "The initiative aims to strengthen the spread of HIV broadcasting and regulation and spread more than 300,000 male congenital and 30,000 women," said Vincent PITCHE and emphasized that These three largest HIV sectors in Togo.

The normal rate of disease in 2017 in the country is 2.1% in Togo. According to CNLS-IST, HIV infection in Togo is broad and feminine, with a level of two times higher among people (1.7%). The movement is reinforced for 15-19 year olds, with 4 times higher (0.4%) than the same age boys (0.1%).

The National Council's Standing Administration for the Fight Against AIDS and Infections Transmitted Sex (SP / CNLS-IST) through the National Program for AIDS Control (PNLS) marks the event this year with a special stamp. This is why the national coordination and monitoring group for the AIDS fight and communication on Monday, November 26, 2018, is the different actions that will take place; now filled at national level.

For the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, Tohoun is the main city of the central Mono (Plateaux region) which hosts the fèisean. According to the National Co-ordinator of CNLS-IST, Vincent PITCHE, today in Togo will lead to the main talk of the Togo HIV response and will allow the country to capture the epilepsy, the progress made and the progress made. to present the international context of the AIDS fight. "The World AIDS Day is an opportunity to identify people who have died and raise awareness of the risk of AIDS and HIV pandemic. This celebration reinforces the individual and general loyalty for close relationship with people living with HIV, "he said.

Your 30th edition of World Day is a "Identify your status" against HIV / AIDS. It will allow the authorities that are in charge of the fight against this spread-out disease to emphasize the importance and love of AIDS. "This year, JMS has a great deal of interest to inspire everyone to experience their serial situation. Screening is at the heart of prevention and cure," added Vincent PITCHE.

The number of people living with HIV (PLWHA) in Togo is 105,000. Of those, the CNLS-IST states that 69,466 are registered in medical facilities and 59,752 PLWHA (adults, adolescents and children) have an anti-retroviral cure (ARV).

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