Long-term support from Sola suppliers in the sales department is its result


The support from Sokeka's suppliers and sellers with sellers constantly impedes it.

BRATISLAVA November 21, 2018 (WBN / PR) – the Slobhacia average. These survey numbers clearly emphasize the effort to support the Solar products, because the increase that is in the process of supporting the Solar products. appear in Slovak products to their desks at a practical level and increase their visibility to buyers and therefore market.

"For our customers, we are always struggling to deliver not only the highest level and the wide range of materials but also to support Slovakian representatives, for example through our local provider project, "said Richard Bendik, Purchasing Director, Kaufland. As part of this project, Kaufland is currently working with 54 local providers throughout Slovakia. This is evidence that even less marketers in the market are gradually evolving as a result of co-operation like this. One of the leading examples is a provider from Orava, which started locally and after a few months to all sources. The project, which aims to increase the productivity and output of the product; offer offers by choosing even more items from a Vault handicraft, having always produced good results. With their favorite cheese or home seating, customers do not have to go to specialized centers, but they can turn the purchase under one roof.

And that's not all. Kaufland continues with the built-in strategy, which has been on & # 39; offers a wide range of Slicey shovels at its stores. That's why she has come to her new market with the new Salvation product line "From Love to Tradition". It supplies traditional and honest Slavic goods from domestic providers, made in accordance with the original recipes, from raw materials only from Slovakia.

At the same time, Kaufland also focused on closer collaboration with fruit and plant rash providers. Last year, Kaufland offered more than 50 million kilograms of Sauce Slavic fruit and vegetables from the greenhouses, orchards or fields of domestic representatives, guaranteeing sustainable sales and increasing employment and agricultural development in the areas. At its sources, it offers the latest fruits and vegetables from around 200 Solicitor and Shakoan growers.

"We are trying to support domestic production in a variety of ways, the latest 100% slice meat is the most up to date and we believe we will do it out 100% slice meat-meat, "said Richard Bendík.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of defined support agencies, the 52% share of Skeckered items was at the Kaufland store series in the first half of 2018. In addition, the number of Slovakian providers has & # 39 ; grow every year. In this strategy, its company is to continue.

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