Longhorns Extra Points: Texas 24, Iowa State 10


AUSTIN – With a 24-10 victory over 16 years, Iowa State (6-4, 5-3) and Noir lost. 9, Virginia West (8-2, 6-2) to Oklahoma State, Texas (15- 3, 6-2 Big 12) now has no advantage of getting to & # 39; Dallas's Big 12 Stadium & AT & T competition match.

For Texas, the path to the certificate game is Dec. 1 now simple: Defeat Kansas on the road the next week.

Some of the notes and concerts from the great victory of Longhorns are at night at the Royal Memorial Park:

Èhlinger Watch: Sam Ehlinger, quarterback Sophomore, was very seriously injured in the first half and Shane Buechele was put to the ground for the second half.

Tom Herman coach said Ehlinger suffered a risk of AC and revealed X negative rays for breach. It is scheduled for MRI tomorrow.

Ehlinger played Herman in the second half, hoping to return to his game. But Buechele and Texas had control, his danger was not needed.

In one game, Ehlinger completed 12 of 15 tracks for 137 yards and one touchdown. He also ran for 32 yards and earned the 10th time he was in. swept off the season.

Buechele finished his 10 passes for 89 yards and one touchdown, making this the second time he went to the game for a wounded Ehlinger and instructed UT for his & impact.

When Ehlinger was injured first in the first season against Baylor, Buechele came on to throw for 184 yards and one touchdown in decision 23-17.

"When he loses his position, he will investigate and says the world of his professionalism," said Herman about Buechele. "He will prepare every day and everyone is very confident in how well he prepares."

Ingram's big driver: A new man running back Keaontay Rinn Ingram Most of the heavy construction of UT's second drive.

He had advantages of 2, 7, 9 and 20 yards on the ground. In the longest run, Ingram turned off one defender and put it around another.

Then Ehlinger threw Ingram in the flat and ran in 19 yards that had not been moved for the score.

In total, Ingram was representing 61 of 94 yards at Texas on that 10-game drive. He finished the game with 97 full marks from scrimmage, the second highest number of the year (112 vs. Baylor).

Like Ingram, he benefited from one of the best games of the best line of the seasons. It was affecting the ISU in the trains and created routes for Ingram and the senior man who was in the trains. flip back, Tre Watson, thrown through.

"I thought the week was the first time every season I felt that we were a shift of people," said Herman. "I thought it was the best game and it was also good enough, especially to think (ISU) the number to attack Protecting one, defending one number only, defending one score at the same time as our conference. "

Elderly people up to date: A number of long-in-the-tooth tides have been shown in front of 102,498 fans on an evening.

Older people's record Gary Johnson, Hag Breckyn, and Anthony Wheeler each bag. Johnson also had two seasonal ships.

PCJ protection. Locke, Davis Davis, and Kris Boyd all write a break-pass. Boyd may be the most interesting thing.

Purdy made a beautiful ball down to the right to her; receiver Matthew Eaton. He put out the ball's hands as long as he was a climbing the ground in the red belt, but Boyd sent him away until he was arrested.

State Iowa finished two more plays later.

Humphrey's mind: Herman Lil & Jordan Jordan Humphrey named the best-time youth keeper of the team. And after he had been the seventh Seagulls to release 1,000 yards out in one season – with at least two games left – there would not be a lot of them. argued another way.

Humphrey's physical features are struggling. In the face of ISU he sent many defendants, who plowed through each other, dancing about others, on the way to seven-seater performance, 86-yard, one-touchdown.

Harming him like the 6-foot-4 whole, Herman is so fascinating with his mind.

"It's interesting how advanced it is when it comes to football," said Herman. "This guy is literally played in the singer throughout the session. He did not play a bunker of outside catcher – they are light scenes.

"Collin Johnson is injured at the end of his (Last Wednesday) and we say," Hey, a big boy, one day of your use will take Thursday to take X receiver game us on the road against Texas Tech. And he knew all the crime and knew how strong the crime was. "

Humphrey now has up to 70 receptions, 1,033 rooms, and eight rooms; get touchdowns on the season.

Final message from Hager: As he was preparing to go out of the play interviewing room, Hager could not help but take a shot in Oklahoma.

After listening to the sixth year, Sooner gave up 40 points to Kansas in a 15-point advantage, Hager replied, "But OU does not have protection."

Hager, pushed a pair of pigs out of the bowl, then dropping his head, then watch a clock.

"And what's the time? It's 11:12," said Hager, "and OU is still there."

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