Look at 2,000-bp Lamborghini Huracan to make a fourth sub-8 second


It is, uh, fast.

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The Lamborghini is capable of achieving 7.9-second-fourth miles at a distance of 186 miles per hour. That is good enough for a legal street car. After running, the video shows the original tires that are displayed; leaving the ground – by inches or so, which is very spectacular. Their car & # 39; going to 60 miles in 1.8 seconds, running from 60 to 130 miles in 2.6 seconds, and ranged from 100 miles to 150 miles in 2.29 seconds. Such a type of acceleration boundary on the hooked stone jacket is free.

Faster hurricanes:

The car, with Performance Performance Dallas, had a V10 engine to naturally stimulate 5.2-literature when it was new, which could be created about 602 bp. What is here is the Lamborghini not clear; However, it looks great at the Lamborghini levels. Initially, a two-speed two-wheeled power box installed a two-wheeled power box; However, we do not know if any of the changes at the car have changed that setting.

For Lamborghini to find out how much horsepower, turbochargers would appear to be added, along with other reforms that could be done. including new cylindrical heads, renewable fuel cutters, enhanced gearbox, new engineer, new tune, and many more.

Technology has come far from the start of the vehicle. It is easier than ever before to turn a powerful supercar in which the doors can be blown from a fully-haunted race car. It's hard to think you can complete a fourth mile race in eight seconds, but the world we are doing is; live today.

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