Look at the NASA InSight landcraft on Mars


NASA's InSight spacecraft has successfully landed on Mars and will begin to work on its planetary research.

InSight stands for Inside Search to & # 39; using Seismic Investigations, and is equipped with instruments to explore within its planet.

The laird will also explore diffused activity such as marsquakes, meteorite effects, and dust storms, and will look at the pieces of the Mars & # 39; pole; using a pair of ants.

InSight started first in May 2018 and defeated Mars's surface last night.

Once the landlord's solar panels are correctly used, it will start & # 39; using their tools and data collection that may be essential for the future Mars campaigns.

New technologies in technology have accelerated the timeline for the location of humanity Mars, according to Elon Musk.

Talk in recent interview with HBO, Musk said that currently 70% of the ability to move to Mars.

Observe NASA's mission management to successfully run the InSight spacecraft below.

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