Look at the signs of a breach related to Mr Tat Thanh Cang at some News projects


In addition to Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam, the meeting visited Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, Deputy Chief of the National Assembly's representative body in Ho Chi Minh City; Ms. Trinh Ngoc Thuy, Deputy Justice on People's Committee, Ho Chi Minh City; Ms Dang Thi Hong Lien, Area Secretary 9 and Mr Cao Thanh Binh, Deputy Economy Director – HCM City Council's Budget Committee.

Mr Xieng Cang was absent when he met voters

On November 20, Mr Tat Thanh Cang, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Town Party Committee, representing HCM City Council; Mr Tran Xuan Dien, Chairman of the District People's Committee 10 and the monk Thich Thien Tanh electorate in District 10 met before the 11th meeting of the Council's success IX. However, when the conference began, the editors named their & # 39; meeting by voters only, Mr Dien and Monk Thich Thien Tanh, and Mr Cang, asked for permission to leave off without unexpected work. Mr Dien gave more information as Mr Cang was meeting in Hanoi and so he was not present at her. meeting

Electors' response to the scenes and directions of Ho Chi Minh City for the pollution of public officials such as Mr Tat Thanh Cang, Member of the Middle Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee. Town; Nguyen Huu Tin, former vice president of the Ho Chi Minh People's Committee (recently arrested due to harassment of land management in the town) … Nguyen Thi Quynh That the Board was a Party Party Committee; review the breach of the charters.

"The opinion of the Village Party Committee's Sustainable Committee's opinion is to seriously deal with a breakdown, not to cover up," said Tam.

Ms Nguyen Tam said that the case is being investigated by the authorities. In regard to Mr.Thanh Cang, Ms. She expressed that when the Town Party Committee had examined the state-owned initiatives under the Committee of the Parties, there were signs in the & commit crime. Following the results of the inspection, the Party Committee held a review meeting, where Cang a & # 39; affect the degree of disciplinary action. However, Mr Cang is a member of the Politburo and from the First Committee, and so the Party Committee will have a " Submit the entire file file to the Central Commission for Audit.

According to Tam, after the investigation committee reported on the discharge of Mr Cang and the Committee's Standing Committee, Town to continue to & # 39; On 18 November, the Sustainable Committee of the full-time committee of the town held a full day for a disciplinary form. However, this is just the opinion of the Village Party Committee's Sustainable Committee. The Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Committee Committee should review the crime of Mr Cang. Following the Sustainable Committee of the City Party Committee on a report on the review findings, the Executive Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee will meet according to its voting process; a suggestion for controlling Mr Cang.

"The control of its home control control results will be sent to the Central Commission for the Politburo review. The control of the Tat Thanh Cang company as a central authority. In a form of control provided by the Standing Committee of the Town Party Committee, the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Committee Committee is not just the basis of the staff processing process that looked at the Central Commission for Audit, Politburo and to the Chief Committee. "said Tam.

Amazingly, Ms. Tam, as well as the bankruptcy related to the Tan Thuan Investment and Construction Limited Company, over 32 hectares in Phuoc Kien (Nha Be) to Quoc Cuong Gia Lai during the course of the survey vi Find Central Commission of Audit more projects that show signs of distress, and & # 39; including some of the role of some people, including Mr Tat Thanh Cang should be investigated, and # 39; lead clarification. South Westerly

Electors recommended a separate conference on Thu Thiem and SHTP

Look at Mr Tat Thanh Cang's sign associated with the breakdown of some projects - picture 1

In a process to investigate the break, find and # 39; Audit Media Commission more projects that show broken signs, and & # 39; including some of the role of some people, including Mr Tat Thanh Cang. Make sure, just clarify

Look at the sign on Mr Tat Thanh Cang related to a break in some projects - picture 2

Madam Nguyen Thi Chinh Tam, Chairman of the HCMC People Council

At a conference, many voters on crime in the 9-district projects, typically the High Tech Park (SHTP) in the City of HCM, caused a lot of disturbance. Tran Luc Tran said it was likely that errors like this followed a problem solving in Thu Thiem (Area 2). In particular, the two land use planning map were approved by the competent authority as governed by the State when the land was found; No rehabilitation plan, compensation for the people; Not to produce family revival decisions for families and individuals

In addition, according to Luc, two projects have a lack of prominence in the land, outside the border. "If there are 4.3 towns outside the urban area of ​​Thu Thiem, then in the HTZ outside the border to 112 hectares and the government has identified 41 hectares outside the border … "said Luc and praised Comhairle nan Daoine. Ho Chi Minh City opened an incredible conference to talk about settlers in Thu Thiem and HTP.

When asked to explain, Tran Van Bay, Chairman of the Scottish Committee Area 9, reported that objections and complaints about a HTP project were published by the Government Inspectorate (TTCP). Then Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh has written instructions to implement the President's decision content. Ho Chi Minh City's People's Committee has established an international working group, led by Mr Bay, to invite people to work to protect the legitimate interests of the people. About 41 hectares, outside Bay Bay, said that specific policies will be the best solution that is useful to the people.

"Based on the management of the People's Committee in Ho Chi Minh City, she is willing to accept the policy, but not agreeing, TP will report to the Prime Minister and will consider it in the future. I will submit, saying the questions that are specific about the project to their home leaders, honestly, "said Bay.

In relation to this question, Nguyen Thi Quyet Tam said that the Standing Committee of a Party Committee is a " Town giving guidance to the Ho Chi Minh People's Committee to & # 39; Determine the search results of its Prime Minister to ensure the lives of people in an early and stable manner.

"The Sustainable Committee of the City Party Committee is wrong, it must be established, it is difficult to repair and correct where it is, not the general repair, including Thu Thiem and SHTP", Ms. Tam hit. The purpose of the mission must ensure that the conformance of the interests of the state, the people and their business.

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