Look at the two legends of the WhatsApp beta version



Bolivia's Red One.- About the BBC spread draft is still in development but it is already possible to see it before it is available on Google Play, through this Google beta platform (2.18.373).

According to the WABetaInfo port, About the BBC he did The work is easier to find the stickers what the application user needs to do with a search bar. It is thought that the user does not; get the sticker & # 39; searching out by & # 39; enter the keywords (as & cats;);

Some users who are uncomfortable will need to contact a user to make group calls and then you can add it to the # 39; rest of the group. New design group calling WhatsApp has a new feature put group button in groups, to make quick calls with the partners of the organization. Once the ability is enabled to the user, it will see the group group's group button.

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