Look at your hands and feet getting too cold!


He explained that a situation in Raynaud is a state in which the blood vessels are in the hands and the muscles; Short-term effects on Raynaud's cold or difficult causes. Lecturer. Ball Filiz Erdim, cure information on this situation.

The sequence is called Raynaud Feinimic & # 39; The empty vacuum free of the laptops in the fingers and girls to the cold or the weight. Most people are not a serious health problem, but in some people, the reduction in the bloodstream can cause harm. Cardiovascular Specialist Medical Hospital Hospital Bahçelievler Speaker. Filiz Erdim Raynaud told the truth.

Dr. Raynaud, Ph.D. Filiz Erdim, & # 39; & # 39; In cold environments, our body is trying to protect the heat. He will do this by doing it. Slow the blood flow to the longest points, ie our hands and legs. It will spread the bloodstream by & # 39; The small boat network that supplies the blood to those points. This is not a problem for ordinary people. However, in Raynaud's Rationale, these articles are restricted more frequently and more quickly than usual. This is causing concern in the manuscript and herbs and changes in color to white-blue. It is usually about 15 minutes. If the articles are set and run; grow up, your fingers swim and swim; brown before returning to normal, "he said.

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There are two types of primary and secondary Raynaud. Erdim said that Olmadan Raynaud Primary School would appear to be ill. The symbols are usually very close. High School Raynaud is the result of another disease. In general, there is a reumatologic state of the contact cells that attack its; Our body is lupus or fluorescent arthritis. It is not so common, but it is more likely to cause serious health problems such as skin stunts and gangrene. As a result of the reduction in the bloodstream of the cells and the weed in these areas due to the loss of fat loss, "he said.

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Raynaud can be seen in 1 out of 10 people. Most of them have a main form. Raynaud has a secondary school of around 1 people from 100 or fewer people, "said Dr Erdim," Women, who carry 9 times more risk. Raynaud people of all ages. But they are usually aged 15 to 25 years old. Raynaud is more common at age 35. People with reusatoid arthritis, scleroderma, and lupus are more likely to develop secondary school Reynaud, and are considered to be Some drugs that are used in cancer, migration or inaccuracies are infected to & # 39; Raynaud looks like. people who use animated instruments will be more or more likely to capture Raynaud.

How is Raynaud dating?

He referred to Raynaud's hometown treatment. Erdim, "a person who suspects Raynaud's characteristic of having heard and complaining about her fingers and fingers, a special enhancement of glass called dermatoscope to find out whether they are expanded or in at risk, and to look at the blood vessels around the nails. In order to control some of the archaeological tests that are special to those diseases, he is willing to have a Raynaud basic. Your cure is to prevent or limit the spasms of an emergency event. This usually means keeping your hands and feet warm and dry, Control overweight and exercise regularly.

Dr. Erdim resolved his words as follows: "Some medicines, including a cold pseudoephedrine medication, should be avoided. If there are pounds on skin, There may be a suggestion on the surface of one of these drugs, and if there is no progress and there are major problems such as losing some of the fingers or fingers, These methods may be considered, such as anesthetic surgery and not interventional. There are ways that include prevention.

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