Look at your skin! In a cold season, follow these suggestions


Secretary of State Health Querétaro reports that the need to keep silenced during the cold season to avoid skin diseases

The skin is a resistant barrier against external change and its duty, among others, is to protect the rest of the body from climate change.

The factors are related to winter that have a negative impact on its & # 39; skin: cold, low low, rescue dry heat and sudden changes to temperature. With its winter, the skin is more vulnerable. It will become scarce because the capillaries are very scarce. breeding.

Reducing hydration and as a result, there are fewer oxygen and nerve cells, Reducing income and dead cell collection, & # 39; looks rare and lock. In addition, the skin is losing water and there is less sebaceous secretion, which is a? means it is dry, rough, smiled and dressed. If the appearance of cold is maintained and maintained, the skin becomes aware of and is very funny and well-consumed.

The Ministry of Health will describe the following Suggestions for skincare during cold season:

1.-Use appropriate clothing or clothing: including a number of layers of thin clothing that protect more from the cold than they are more frequent because they do it; creating aircrafts between them.

2.-Hydration: Using glass and & # 39; caring for food. It is recommended to make a food meal that is done; Provide the required energy (quilts, pasta brot, etc.) and also give "tropical" heat, not to eliminate different foods that are consumed; including other foods (vegetables, fruit, meat, grain, milk, etc.). During the day, and before going to bed, a cup of hot drinks (broth, cocoa, tea, milk) can help to heat up; body was maintained.

3.- Maintain and reinforce hygienic practices: In the winter, the viruses that cause respiratory diseases are more frequent, so the number of cases increases. One of the basic recommendations to stay healthy is to wash your hands and reinforce the hygiene practices. In addition, its mouth should be covered when it falls or does not; cousins ​​to stop spreading births. Also, avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

4. Sports performance and physical activity: Practical exercise helps warm up and face cold. Therefore, it is good to record appropriate corporate activities for this time of year, in well-covered and well-covered areas; It is also recommended to make preheating current.

If you do not have care for their skin, it can cause damage from illness and damage to necrosis in some of the cells; instead of the body, such as earrings, nose or rubber bags.

In youth and in the elderly senior status, it is most likely to harm the skin from the cold; as well as women in the menopause level.

When you wash with water, soap and hands are always consuming natural hydration, causing faults, as well as being married, they are getting bacteria and so it can be a rare disease. It is important that, after being on laundry, add wood of hands on the hands.

The cold weather will be prepared and done; breaking the bills; This situation helps the symptoms of viruses known as herpes, so it is recommended that oil be cleansed.

The rays of the sun in this season will also harm the & # 39; skin, so you should use sunlight, face pavilions and hands.

If the event occurs in the red or dark of your skin, go to the Health Center for early diagnosis and time management.

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