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Here's the link to the site of the light to look at the 123 program of the Ertuğrul Ertuğrul series, where millions of Turkish series fans are waiting for episodes of episodes of historical drama, Episode V After the success of the fourth part of the work, which is completely broadcast in the # 39; first show on the channel S-

The 123 episode of the series "Arjarlal Resurrection" is the second episode of the fifth part, the conflict will be updated between Turkey and Mongols tribes, after Artgrel has been deleted in the fourth part of the Romans, and get "Sugart", and by " Encouraging program 122 shows that a & # 39; young children "Osman", which reached the level of young people in Part V, where the fifth part begins twenty years after the end of Part IV events.

ArtGirl 123 Lighthouse

Al-Nour TV continues to & # 39; shows the series of the ArtGaral series of the fifth hour after its first performance on the Turkish Tran channel after translating its program to Arabic language, and the complete online vision of being a & # 39; Looking directly to more than a quality that matches the values ​​of the internet.

Artagirl light line
Artagirl light line

It is a historic era in the "The Resurrection of Artgrel" series that is fond of Islamic Ummah in different parts of the world. The works of the 13th century are Artogirl bin Suleiman Shah, Othman's father; First, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, its first program of the series was shown in December 2014.


The "Artgrel" series is displayed in 23 countries around the world: Pakistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Afghanistan, Bangladesh?

ArtGarrell Part V

In a fifth part of the Istanbul series, Artigarl appeared in his & her; A fifth part in a variety of clothes from the previous parts. All decorations have been refurbished and photo fields have been completed. 95% of heroes were ranked the fifth season of Artgrel.

The story about the fifth part of Artgrel

The first episodes of the fifth part of the "Resurrection Artgrel" series when the head of the "Artgrel" gas station in the area, "Sogut" in the northwest of Anatolia, where the rule to setting up, and setting up a new management for his son, "Osman" to start the Ottoman Sultanate and the events of the season The same year after the end of the first part.

According to the latest reductions of the new season, the hero of Artgrel's work will be killed at the beginning of the battle programs between himself and the Mongols and the Crusaders, and after his death Osman oversees the command of the tribe that place.

Story about the program

The Romans will try to spread among the Turks, the Muslims and the Christians in Sogut, and # 39; affecting some issues, including to & # 39; Mongolian tax curtailment, and Artgrel is a trying to secure secret property secretly about state estate.

On the other hand, Gunduz stands against Aumor and his daughter, who came from Konya to collect taxes from Sugot, and finally he finds out that the orders are ; Getting to know the Mongols and their suggestion.

Promo 124

Promo published its first program 124, which is scheduled to be shown next week, Wednesday through the tv channel, and exposed to the Bromo Gunduz prison. ; his father ordained after he either learned how to deal with Aumor and his daughter, the state who wanted to collect a tax in "By order of the Sultan, as long as – Successfulness affecting the situation in the "Sogut" and the Romans who succeed in achieving their goal, even over time.

This section is about 35 programs and programs, and many interesting events, wars and disputes will be different. The Turkish TRT channel has noted the date of its program No. 124, which will be next Wednesday, 21 November 2018, and will be available through Arab channels.

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