Look for free! The “Director of the Corporate Education Department” promises to have a Muay Thai 13-17 March competition this year. T


Panya Hanlamuang, Director General of Corporate Education tMajor promise about the event "Muay Thai Art Competition tThe 22nd Thailand Finals" for year 2019 to encourage Muay Thai art What is Thailand national martial arts 13-17 March at Chaengwattana Central Plaza Chaengwattana Hall from 10.00 hours.

The competition is divided into 2 categories: 1. Wai Kru and Muay Thai competitions The 4 modules are 12 years old, male or female, 10 couples, age over 18 years, male 15 pairs, age group age. T low. Over 19 years, 15 pairs of men and 15 older women

2. Muay Thai boxing competition (Aerobics, Muay Thai), the 3 models, which is an age model that is not more than 12 years, 15 teams, the age model that is no older than 18 years, 20 teams and the age model Variety of age groups, including 115 teams

There are two different categories of competition: 1. Wai Kru and the Muay Thai competition. The team will win 25,000 baht, 1st place 20,000 20,000 baht, second prize, 15,000 baht and 2 honorary prizes. 7,000 baht per team

2. Muay Thai boxing competition (Muay Thai Aerobics) The award-winning team receive 40,000 prize prizes, the first in the 1st place, receiving 30,000 baht, 2nd place second, receiving 20,000 baht and 2 honorary prizes per 10,000. baht, including all types of cash. 2,300,000 baht

By organizing this competition It will be held between 13-17 March at Chaengwattana CentralPlaza Chaengwattana Hall from 10.00am on Friday 13 March at 4pm, open to you every day.

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