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Comet 46P / Wirtanen on December 6, 2018, from our friend Matthew Chin in Hong Kong.

For a few months now, we've been listening to attractors who captured images of comet 46P / Wirtanen. The best comedy in 2018, in the theory that is visible to the eye, but large and diffused, is not easily visible. Click here for an article how to make some recordings and suggest some ways to see the comet! And enjoy the images on this page from the EarthSky community. Thanks to everyone who added it! If you have not yet submitted your design, you can submit it here.

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A comedy 46P / Wirtanen from Steve Pauken on 3 December 2018.

Visit the Internet Telegascop Project to view a volunteer comet online on 12 and 17 December.

Comet 46P / Wirtanen on November 26, 2018, by Gerald Rhemann in Namibia.

Greg Hogan in Caitlin, Georgia, took the Wirtanen comet on November 26, 2018. He wrote: "This comet was last on my tree's line. I was able to find it quickly with just a quick look at restricted in the right way. Taken 9:30 pm EST. "Canon 7D, 85mm, 5-sec exposure, ISO 6400, f2.8.

Pablo Goffard took place in Valle del Elqui, Coquimbo, an t-Sile, Comet Wirtanen on November 7, 2018. 130 mm Teileasgop Newton, Canon T3.

A beautiful telescope image of 46P / Wirtanen guard, built on 4 November 2018, with a 11-inch telescope by Martin Mobberley. The image shows the development of a gas tail for its & # 39; sack. Used by permission.

Comet Wirtanen in November 2018 through Tel Lekatsas, from Ma Ma Creek, Australia. Used by permission.

Below: Images and videos of comet 46P / Wirtanen, the richest comedy of 2018, with EarthSky community members.

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