Look out! "Alzheimer's drug" affects the eyes. Draw a cell – see color circulation.


On November 27, Asst.Prof.Nowanpol Kanchana, professor of offthalmology. Thammasat University Faculty of Medicine The effect of sexual dysfunction is on the eyes that face; affecting the eyes, to use Sildenafil The need to treat sexual problems. By helping to expand blood vessels. The problem of non-defense of exams. However, this drug affects the image cells and eye color. The cells are removed periodically. To see the extinguished color. Especially blue and yellow The yellow color. Do not look at a yellow sky. However, if the drug disappears, it will return normally. However, if the drug is used, the color will be removed. Ask your appellant to evaluate. Some people may probably have a bad picture. In the dark, but it is not aware that cells are faster at an older age. The use of these drugs is greater than the cells are going down. The problem is obvious.

"Because the drug is expanding a blood vessel. It is also used to cure other diseases. The ongoing work of people who take this drug has continued, such as 12 weeks or 3 months, the problem of color spinning from 3 people in 200 alone or about 0.1% With irregularities But in the old people or people with cell disease already. Some of the time it is used to address sexual problems. The drug is even more vulnerable to the use of this drug, "said Asnapol.

In addition, there is another report that the drug causes an impact on the eye causing the flexible device. In this case, only 2.8 per 100,000 people, but very bad signs. It will be a lasting problem. And the cure did not return the obvious things. Older people's risk group with diseases such as diabetes, adverse effects, high blood pressure, are not good blood vessels. The use of drugs thus also increases the risk of blood to the eye. You need to be very careful about this drug. The doctor who orders the drug will know the existing danger. Because the drug does not affect the eyes only. It also highlights people with sexual problems. Do not buy drugs yourself. Ask the doctor for a judgment. Because the drug is at risk for both eyes and other bodies.

The reporter. The 2018 Integrated Health Care will be held on 29-30 November 2018 at the Conference Room, the Unemployment Learning and Education Building (Piyachart 2), Thammasat University, Session of the Session. Le Traditional Medicine Medicine Faculty of Nursing Faculty of Pharmacist And artificial eye center Thammasat University Faculty of Dentistry Speeches on topics. Sexual dementia Close eye disorder Eye care, Eyecare Investigate medicine from Thailand in female diseases, including cascading and correcting pregnant problems with a child, innovation in & # 39 ; drug delivery to eyes with nanoparticles, etc. With dentists and nurses. -Thuath Users have become a playoff in succession points. Dentists receive CDEC 8.5 units, length & # 39; do nurses receive 10.5 units CNEU. www.tec.in.th


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