Look: This is the longest torn time that is thrown away from space


Take two times around Earth – in 15 minutes. The European Office of European Association (ESA) headquarters and the headquarters of the International Spatial Center (ISS) Alexander Gerst accepted the most recent period of time.

The glorious scenes that travel from Tunisia over Beijing and Australia will take place twice in a couple of times around; planet, which delivers the Earth from day to night twice. You can also train the Station over rods of ocean and over littered cities. Clouds, storms are also, and flows from lightning storms.

The play includes about 21,375 images of the Earth all taken by Gerst from the International Spey Station to mark 20 years of ISS and identify international cooperation and research. The 15-minute section was moved up to 12.5 times faster than the premiere of the theater.

A map at the top corner of the screen shows the position of the station during the trip.

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