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Wednesday 21/11/2018 09:33 AM (GMT + 7)

My husband gave my home home, he took care of what I wanted to eat, he cooked. I put her out on her bed to be tired, tired of hearing her husband's full attention, but something that turned out the eyes of the truth hit.

Looking at a change in the bedroom, I found her husband on the head of the girl home - 1

I know I love my husband, but I still believe that my true love will affect (Artwork)

When I fell in love first, I knew Hoang was very friendly. He often continues many times, even having caught hold of two fish. I have to have a & # 39; Strively strive for a Queen from another girl. He promised me the last thing he did on his life.

I do not believe Hoang's words are good, but because I'm so sorry I'm still taking it. I always believe that my love, my beauty and my faithfulness, connect her Queen.

Indeed, after the wedding, Huang was very bad during his life. I rarely see signs of suspicious jaws or my husband's clothes are broken, smell, shaped. Even when I go out with friends, my husband is home in an uncertain situation.

I've been very happy about Hoang for ten years. We also had two children, who were very wise. I'm 4 years old and so I have time to focus on my work.

I am doing a foreign business or I should go on a long business trip. My husband is very tough in cooking, childcare, so if I go to work, I will send 2 children to foreigners. Hoang often runs to bring children to school and sleep home.

In the evening, Hoang often telephones, and # 39; speaking, asking his wife. When I went back to work, Hoang sent out the wind, remembered and did; I hurt the hungry.

I even asked the neighbors to do "information work", "keep track of the movements of my person at home. But Hoang's" image "is always clean.

This time, I will go to Ho Chi Minh City for 4 days. When he returned home my friend gave me a warm welcome, he took me tired, and asked me to relax, and went to his market. I put her bed on her bed to be tired, tired to hear her husband's full attention.

But suddenly, something at the bottom of his friendship board put me in; Feeling strange, suspicious and set up the emotional spices.

A small bin of # 39; I would have been eels; put on a cotton paddle, a dirty paper and … I used my rabbits after my husband and I'm "happy". For the last 10 years, b & # 39; I was the only one who wanted to put plastic bags in, and then I did; quit when the eel was full. My husband had to abduction rubbish, so I will not stop banning her; garden automatically, unless I have gathered and wanted to go down.

Looking at a change in the bedroom, I found her husband on the head of the girl home - 2

I can not believe it. My husband is leading a girl to my bedroom (Picture)

And this time, the rubbish was cleared, with a bag of new plastic.

My thoughts are turned. I went through the bed, & # 39; pinned under pillow under the hole. And he did not hear; in them, unfortunately. I raised a lot of red hair red purple under the side of the bed. And beneath my shoulder at the bottom of my bed, I raised half of the condition of the condom … Although my black hair and the condom are not the same as the company that my wife and I still have; use …

Evidence "as a mountain", my husband can not prove anything. But he repeatedly disturbed him: "Because he was a drink, his friend should take home as a request" and ask me a pledge . I would have been sleeping with her husband for ten years, and so I knew if my husband had drunk when all the notes were, he was heaven.

How can I swallow this love when my husband still hurts me to take my daughter home when I'm away? What opinion did he have to do to sleep with others in bed? Is anyone suffering from shame, embarrassment like me?

The truth after the incident took her husband to adultery

So far, I've just waked up, why they were "eating flexibly" still I do not know where they hide their secretly in secret. encourage me …

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