Looking at Aung Thu, "Burmese Ronaldo" is a " promises to have many problems for Vietnam


Antoine Hey said: "If I do not have confidence in the success of the team, I would not take this job."

Antonie Hey says he's so heavy because he has a lot of experience working in Europe. But the other reason is that he has Aung Thu, the star gets many expectations from fans and he always goes to his / her; appears when the phone is tough.

Aung Thu, as other Myanmar players, will grow up from a home crew and corporate acquisition is not very good. As a result, its technology has a good view and ownership of powerful commitments as an ash. Shortly after harassing Yadanarbon's shirts, Aung Thu became one of Myanmar's players to play overseas.

In early 2018, at the age of 22, Tero from Thailand was contracted by Aung Thu to receive a seasonal loan. Very young to play in the country, Aung Thu can go to Luong Xuan Truong or Nguyen Cong Phuong's case. However, the competitiveness and cultural differences do not stop the progress of the multi-purpose strike. After 28 games, Aung Thu 11 received a visit and was a fantastic tectonic team member.

Much of Aung Thu in the Thai League

In the first month of being & # 39; Using a Tì shirt, Aung Thu was voted as the best player in the Thai League. In the 11th round of the A-League, Sukhoi made the most of the competition.

When they played in the national shirt, Aung Thu also played a remarkable look. Before being recruited, Aung Thu played for U16, U20 and U23 teams. Up to this point, the 22 year old has circulated 30 visits in 62 at each stage.

It's more frightening, Aung Thu is also very appealing to the goals captured in Vietnam. The author is in his & her; first stage of establishing a 4-3 impact for Myanmar U19s leading to the U19 Victoria in the & # 39; The final Hassanal Bolkiah 2014. Later on, U19 Vietnam and U19 Myanmar will join the U19 Scottish Championship. South Asia, Aung is the only goal for U19 Myanmar right at My Dinh Park but needs to get the final case 1-4.

In the last two matches against Myanmar, AAF Cup 201, Aung Thu is the "willow" for Tran Nguyen Manh who holds a situation outside the penalty area. to break. Unfortunately, Myanmar again lost to Vietnam and was eliminated.

Watch Myanmar Aung Thu, Ronaldo Myanmar promises to bring a terrible problem to Vietnam - Photo 2.

Aung has a good chance to stop making it in the net.

At age 23, Aung Thu is the most important element of the coach Antoine Hey. In AFF Cup's first match against Cambo cars, Myanmar met with many problems and even the face. But from Aung Thu to the field, the game has changed completely. Although Aung has not successfully entered but Myanmar is the final 4-1.

In a game against Laos, Myanmar continues to face her face. This time, Aung Thu justified, and Antoine's team helped 3-1.

Following the pace of progress in the national team and the shirt, Aung Thu has now been seen as a "Myanmar". In the forthcoming reconfiguration, followers should expect to have Aung Continue to & # 39; shows Vietnam web.

The aims of Aung Thu now do not mean they are; Supporting how a team could be protected as it was before. Without a & # 39; a strong case on Myanmar, it is anticipated that the team will be very spectacular in this year's competition following two consecutive effects against Cambodia and Laos.

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