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There is not enough to edit you for a & # 39; first appearance on Earth's plantation from place. Mail & # 39; The first thing that struck me was so thin on our air.

It's not the beautiful blue sky we use, it's a thin paper; there. Then, the black can space, darker than you believe. There is no spin-free nose that opens the face of the window; disturbed him.

When I was six, on May 5, 1961, the US sent the first American spinerman into space. Everyone of my school had all of us seen on a small black and white TV. That journey changed forever forever – I was sure one day would go into space.

Spanish research is one of the most competitive roles, and when the application process is open every two years, only a few are selected.

Don Thomas during his time as a spelliller (in the 90's)

Physics degree is the smallest degree to get in, so I got masters and doctors in engineering, but it was not enough. It was converted three times.

It was just when I got the license to the pilot, I learned how to fly and I got a job at NASA and I finally got it. My fourth attempt, at age 33.

I have never forgotten the time I was told that my registration for my first mission mission was. I worked in Mission Control, talking to the astronauts in space, when I got the call – I would be in the next mission; going up in two years.

I put up the phone and wanted to crack, but I still had seven hours of my work before I got into my car and let me go!

By the time my first flight came on, I had been training for four years for a single 15-day goal. NASA is preparing us for everything, and it is likely that all the Earth experiences, so there is no surprise.

We fly in jets and special planes capable of creating 30-second moments of zero problems. We will train underwater for room tours. We also receive continuous medical checks.

Don aboard Columbia Shuttle

Everyone has the intention of training for a particular skill – I was responsible for science exams on board

Then, there are two climbers on each mission as military pilot pilots, which are responsible for flying and removing the corridor.

Two are also trained intensively to be able to do everything, if someone is ill. But we have all basic knowledge – let me say that I can bring home home, just everything is not so good!

Something that NASA does not want is getting sick. Week before being launched we are in quarantine. We need to prepare food carefully, so we do not risk poisoning.

Everyone we come in is full of sight – we can not get a cold risk.

Space space is bad enough, which suffers about a third of the astronauts, and suffering from moving from illness to move. You can think what a bombing is that; going up there … It's not fascinating.

Don na shronaut for over 20 years

It's the first morning I put on m & # 39; The first most important mission of my life. I was lying on my back, attached to the top of a lumpy pitch, where I was lying for three hours before taking it off.

Then I heard the account down, and three large engines began to go up to full power, causing the spaceships and I, shaking.

At the building, I was feeling like I was; feeling, as if someone's hand was on top on my back, and # 39; move me I was tired as I was on a roler-coaster because I knew I could not hear anyone, even the other seven games I was doing; going up.

In fact, there was a fear, but it is 10% of difficulty and 90% of emotion. Not for my wife, however, to tell me she was scared to launch a morning more than anything.

It takes eight and a half minutes to enter the space, 200 miles above Earth. It will grow calm when you do it.

Then, you will remove yourself and move away from your seat. We explore the Earth every half an hour, and we will go to the Earth. See 16 sunrisees and sunshine each day.

On my first day ever in space, I looked out on the window and the movie took my eye. Everyone would be going to, & # 39; coming closer and closer.

I can not believe it on the # 39; My first day in the space I sent to the contributor! But my neighbor turned out like a robe that came out of the flat and he was Call every time he hit the sunlight.

Another extraordinary view was a member of a great light that was going on. passing. Star star. Indeed, I wanted to go home safely.

M m # 39; The first intention is to investigate the effects of severe clouds on slopes and fire. There are pretty rounded bales around balls, and fire is also a big fire or baskets too.

We will take up plants and small animals to see how they are going; grow and behave. Since then we have done many other tests.

Don applied to become a spoiler three times before NASA was accepted

We work 24 hours a day with 7-8 hours sleeping (yes, we are connected to our beds to stop shipping, an hour for lunch and dinner, and once hours for free exercise.

We have big chess sets, and we want to get human captures – one of the team will be able to capture it. carry them a ball and we throw it together.

In terms of human communication, it is important that you have your home contact. When we passed America, I always felt a million miles away, as I was separated from my life.

I can receive a single e-mail from my wife every day, and once at a two-week period he was allowed in Mission Control to talk to her; phone.

When the final resolution was, it's easy to get back. You will pull down, turn the corridor round, fire up the engines and start to & # 39; fall as soon as you see flames because the atmosphere visits around 3,000 degrees.

We landed safely and they were welcomed by NASA's great lunch – lasagne, salad and biscuits – before they returned home.

After I carry my wife, the order of a puppy was first thing I did. The food spot is uncertain – before the end of the mission I can not wait to eat a good food.

There are many incredible things to do with your nose, but you need to clean up every two part of space space – during my 20 years, I only spent 44 days in space.

One very bad flight to flight now is very slow and attractive. I believe how it will take me nine hours to get to England from America – it can be done in 15 minutes! It also features space filthy ruins. I suffered seriously. Even in the open view I was saying, & # 39; These are wrong! & # 39;

Now I'm too old for space travel and I have to retire, but I'm teaching children about the spells of every day. When you have a ridge protected as a travel, it's hard to find out what's coming. My brother is to get a call from someone who encouraged me to continue into the football.

Don is an ambassador for the Kennedy Spaniard Visiting Equipment, Florida, the best place on Earth for a place (KennedySpaceCenter.com). One-day pass is a cost of £ 87 per adult; £ 62 per child. Also include the chance to take lunch with real waves. Visit Attraction-tickets-direct.co.uk

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