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▲ ▼ Kuomintang New shop applicant New City North Hou Youyi to build a party. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

▲ Kuomintang Senior new building building chief executive in Hou Youyi's large building. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

Text / Ou Yuting

At the end of the year, counting down to the last four days, Kuomintang Mayor New New Hou Youyi held a busy party in the & # 39; new shop on the afternoon of the 20th. The 2500 supporters held the national flag. At the party, Taipei New Taipei, Zhu Lilun, in particular focused on the military fire of the DPP Yikang, said the Kuomintang legislation, Luo Mingcai, had been ahead of the " sing "Night Attack". At the same time, the neighbor Su Shichang appealed for her green vote, Hou Youyi was in the team. By help, a new greenhouse ticket house was locked up, and the military public ticket was stolen. I hope that the final vote will inspire her & # 39; blue balloon voter's last minute to vote.

Liudu and county county elections, Kaohsiung's leader, the South Korean war, became the focus of Taiwan, and the elections and attention of the counties and cities were considerably smaller. This "Coirèiseach" imposed a blue-green ban on the regulatory benefit of the DPP. The choice of New Zealand seaman, who has the largest tickets in the country, is also made up.

In the four days away from the general election, the blue and green camps are on new invasion and New North defense. The candidates run throughout the day and their # 39; fight at night. In the air band, each attack and defense will be treated as a substitute with an applicant or legislation. Continue to fight in the air, in terms of the war of the land, it is locked in the basic table and will put the supporters standing and voting.

According to information from the Chinese Council, when the Taipei New CEO was elected in 2014, Zhu Lilun, the candidate for a Kuomintang master, just won over 20,000 votes for a DPP candidate, You Xiyu. It can be said that the choice is very tight blue, but in the Xindian area, 62.42% Zhu Lilun votes at that time, which was 36.51%. So, when Zhu Lilun and Hou Youyi returned to the new store, the wonder was very happy.

▼ Hou Youyi's new party building, thousands of supporters hosting them; banner to crawl. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

▲ ▼ Kuomintang New shop applicant New City North Hou Youyi to build a party. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

▼ Supporters also carry a large banner to enter the field to support Hou Youyi. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

To the recent war attack of the blue camp, the blue camp began to; fought on a high level, and shaped this year's election as a defense against democracy and Taiwan's reform value, and asked to return the iron ticket to the team. Hou Youyi held a party in the & # 39; new shop on the afternoon of the 20th. The subject was also specially designated for "unity." Thousands of supporters on the scene were going to continue. national flag, and there was always a huge flag to fight, and Creating beauty of close link between blue camps.

When Luo Mingcai, Kuomintang's legislator, came to the stage to help him, he even brought thousands of supporters on the scene to sing a song Yu Attack, "Seinn Night" and sing to him a & # 39; tour. The people on the scene also shouted "killing" and the time was great. In addition, Luo Mingcai also spoke about Yikang's DPP's governance legislation from DPP's diplomacy. He even asked the people under the level to identify Duan Yikang. Although he did not criticize him, he can already see that the Hou Youyi camp is ongoing. The part of Yikang, who runs on the home of the house, is unhappy.

When you turned Hou Youyi's turn; to deliver a speech, as well as telling the story of the police and the two valuations, he described the story of his father as the old lawyer and joined the army. Hou Youyi also shows that he has respected the old age recently, after retiring, but Otto certainly doubts. He promised to & # 39; Looking after the elders "is just good, but better."

▲ ▼ Kuomintang New shop applicant New City North Hou Youyi to build a party. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

▼ Zhu Lilun came to the platform to help with just issuing Yikang DPP party-law. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

▲ ▼ Waiting to & # 39; New shop to tie the night together to build a party, Zhu Lilun came to the platform to help. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

It is worth noting that, when Zhu Lilun, who was always on his front of his camera, spoke, he was full of firepower. He said directly to the & # 39; Yikang 's "Public Service Army", secretary legislation of the DPP, said he was insensitive and said he had tried to repair the DPP. The military public religion has been very much expressed in its presence; military mission. Zhu Lilun also stressed Taiwanese military supporters that a mineral water bottle from South Korea has been inspired by a Korean wave. Every citizen has awakened, and the people have the right to teach the DPP and the president. Cai English.

In addition to the emotional support of online supporters, this paragraph also revealed that Hou Youyi's camp is compliant with the # 39; a blue vote. At the end of the poll, it's started to send the appeal into your unhappy with the DPP and Tsai Ing-wen. The purpose of war is to expire free votes. After that, a re-election battle was sent; Kuomintang four years ago, although he saved the last seaman of New Zealand, the opponent's "20,000 vote" result is "winning". After that, this election campaign has come in. Under the pressure of the opponents to complete the green army collection, if there is a mistake at his / her; Last minute, it must be Zhu and Hou's unsuitable product.

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▲ ▼ Hou There is a new store to build a party, Kuomintang Luo Mingcai's legacy of the stage to sing the night attack. (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

▲ Kuomintang Luo Mingcai led audiences to sing a Korean war song "Night Attack". (Photograph / reporter Tang Xinghan picture)

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