Looking at the two faces that Mourinho M.U's bush got


Coach Mourinho expects that M.U will bring two quality names in the future winter release window in 2019.

In front of the two faces Mourinho went to face; coach for M.U to be employed in January

When the Premier League disappeared one third of the way, at its & # 39; This club does not allow M.U to perform the top five football teams in the Premier League after the results are not expected.

A couple of faces, the Mourinho Manchester United bush was photographed in the photograph
Mourinho attempts to strengthen the M.U by Milenkovic and Joachim Andersen

The Reds case is an inexhaustible scree and a safe line is not very safe. The problem has been coordinated by Mourinho recently but this can not be improved by current staff.

Now, Chris Smalling and Victor Lindelof have Mourinho's choice from a backup, but the performance of both Reds can not be happy. Jose Mourinho is hoping that the M.U team will be able to appoint two stars, including Fiorentina Nikola Milenkovic and Joachim Andersen from Sampdoria.

Milenkovic's valuation price is not less than 40 million pounds when Fiorentina has indicated that they refused a £ 36m bid for the Serbian midfielder during the summer months.

Anderson also appears to be a high Session talent from leaving Twente. In addition to M.U, a number of clubs have also taken care of the 22-year-olds, including Juventus, Inter Milan and Tottenham.

Emphasizing Man City v Man Utd (Round 12 NHA)


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