Looking back in Yangon


Vietnam's newspapers and fans have spent a lot of money, the time to inform finance managers Catar and Thai assistants have adversely affected Vietnam when they are doing it. Thinking that Van Toan was killed outside the web Myanmar will host her in the & # 39; 77 minute minute. However, that's part of the football. It is important that you evaluate and evaluate its game in Yangon suddenly for the next game and outside the final finals.

Van Toan was once again showing the charm against Myanmar but the referee refused his right goal.
Van Toan was once again showing the charm against Myanmar but the referee refused his right goal.

Be …

Despite these comments to ensure the safety of guests in Myanmar, Vietnam must play a defensive playground, and comment on it. Duchess of Chinh, Van Toan …, the Park Hang-coach still believes the use of the Xuan Truong range range – Quang Hai. There was only one change in the starting route against the impact of Malayis on Van Trong Quyen. But the real change to conquer the enemy is Van Duc, who returned to Van Resolution, moving to his / her; right side, back to the side (throwing the goal into Myanmar lost by The Tin Thein's official defender). The youngest midfielder Young Midfielder SLNA, which attacks the area is restricted, just the new column to save the home team at 36 minutes.

In general, especially in the second half, Vietnam was using a variety of assaults, ranging from border to raid. With less ownership (47% vs. 53%), we are far ahead of the final and definitive stage (15/5 against Myanmar 8/2). In addition to the situation with his / her ball; hitting the phone and Van Toan did not recognize goals, Myanmar guardian rescued three times, including two series of Van Duc and Cong Phuong in 53 minutes.

… and sad

In the widespread, slow, widespread defense, it is not a reasonable attack in a reasonable manner, when the Myanmar hospitality with a desire of nearly 30,000 spectators, wants to win to take advantage of the battle of A & # 39; strive to Malaysia. But why Parker is not satisfied with the way in which players play their first half.

The most deprived and worst Van Quyet captain is. Seeing this and its # 39; pushing the herring in the second half to find the winner, tickets to the final (in fact, the pressure of Vietnam as far as an increase), the Park decided at that location At the same time, It is difficult to understand when Hung Hung replaced Xuan Truong (2 matches in front of a central defense garden except when Vietnam needed to preserve influence (?).

His army has its own reasons for the army of the United States, but if we want to increase the attack power and to strengthen Hung Hung, Xuan Truong should be held, and punish Quang Hai to attack to the post. the school is more effective. In the game statement, Distribution We are sorry for the talent of Quang Hai when they have not been released out of their defense. In addition, the price like Van Toan may be faster (75 minutes instead of Cong Phuong)

Unfortunately, if we win (with full force), we can now count quickly for the finals, so that the pipe can be done; rest, nourish her & her; last battle to Cambodia; Instead of keeping to # 39; engage with the ability to run the goal.

Dong Kha

South Westerly

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