Looking back to Vietnam's victory on Malalais: High park hands


Pàirc nan Tidsear "read the" Ma

Unless the professional statistics of my courtroom at My Dinh Stadium have been modified on 16/11, call Vietnam Phone in all aspects of Malawi. According to BTC's statistics, home team ownership levels are very low with only 31.4% against 68.6% of Malaysia. Similarly, Vietnam's comparable level of visitors is 62.7% compared to 84.6%. The team has 4 criminal penalties and Vietnam Phone only 1.
There is a home, with many advantages, that Vietnam's Phone has been very popular. Eventually, but not only, this Hang Park team won the impact of two goals and not the enemy!

The impact was; where Park Hang Seo coach had a special difference and his colleagues created by Mac. Before the enemy became full of strong, physical, and powerful growth, this Park Hang coach continues to go to # 39; opposing midfielder attacks, it is not good in a dispute and Xuan Truong's defense – Quang Hai, challenges opponents' challenge; affecting the gap behind the center of visitors.

Placing off both midfield attacks, but actively activating; play defender, to & # 39; A game for the enemy, Vietnam's Phone quickly launched the "arrest". Visitors are easy to control the member, and # 39; including high pressure on its game and attack, and then opening up the rivers, it should be swiftly fastened with fast and sharp twins of Vietnam Phone

In addition, the decision on the Van Duc monument to replace Captain Van Decision is also seen as the right nature of the Park teacher. Youth challenge, speed and ability is better than many of his brothers. It was a case on Van Duc's corridor in the left corridor that he helped with Van Hau to locate Gambia from Malaysia, Sumareh.

Not only that, the SLNA mid-game left the signal by sending it to; a definitive step in England for establishing a 2-0 victory for Vietnam.

You do not have to hit or go to; win

Vietnam's football in the last few years in key competitions in the vital battle has yet to be seen; worrying the chorus: "Rock better but still accept defeat". From AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, 2014 and 2016, Vietnam Phone was popular, many games challenge opponents in all areas, but eventually lose loss due to lack of joy and a & # 39; Express "innocent" In the game game.

But under the Park Hang coach This is different. The Korean teacher starts to & # 39; find a "formula" to win the team without playing well, but there is still efficacy; put on the top.

This is also the secret to 23 of Vietnam to strengthen "challenging" challenge such as Australia, Syria, Iraq or Qatar to reach the final of U23 2018.

The Hang Seo Park is a trail at AFF Suzuki Cup 2018 to the present day as well. In terms of game, the phone can still not get the NHM after two games in front of Laos and Malalais. But the most important outcome is: Vietnam Phone has the six overall points, which identifies 5 goals and these objectives do not; expressed.

With Park teacher, every game in Vietnam is now like a game … And it's not very simple to take a Korean director, because the show is in both kinds Eventually, Vietnam Phone is not sure to & # 39; showing its true power.

This is the basis of a credit in the Park teacher dream trip with the students in the competition this year!

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