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VnEconomy introduced investment proposals and recommendations of some security companies on market performance on 21/11/2018.

Opposition of the session closed on November 20, VN-Index gave more 2.96 points to 919.02 points. At the same time, the HNX-Index 0.04 points dropped to 103.91 points.

The move seems to have continued

(Bao Viet Guarantee Sharing Company Company – BVSC)

"It's likely that a market will proceed with a short-term short term with a near-term target of 930-935 points.

Solution and it will change in midnight

(Bank for Vietnam Investment and Development – BSC)

"In the morning session, the VN-Index was changing and reduced by the sale pressure of some stocks in oil & gas: PLX and GAS and banking group: IDB, VCB, TCB and CTG . VN-Index was successfully completed and supported by market support such as VHM, VIC and HPG.

In the opinion of the BSC, this is the third session after each other. VN-Index moves overseas, the market changed in the morning and decreased market interest, MSCI indexes but only a Japanese market fell by 1.71%. The BSC has a presumption that its market will struggling and changing in the middle of the week. "

Creating a new level rises

(FPT Trust Joint Share Stock Company – FPTS)

"The hot money continued to be distributed to the Blue-chips group today, not just in the market, but also in stock such as VIC, VHM and VNM. New designations such as HPG , AAA, VRE … Having a stock classification, we are aware that there is a special interest in cash flow in the oil and gas chemical surplus group.

Stories in these two groups may be the focus of market investors for a long time. The repositories should note these stocks if their market is still in place; Stronger proofs of ability to be able to; creating a new level rising. "

Risk management should be aimed at this stage

(Viet Sec Securities Corporation – VDSC)

"Although the two indexes in the revitalization range, it is not enough to consolidate market enhancement, and the revival range is still getting forward to technology in a hundred. So investors should focus on risk management in this time and limit the use of leverage. "

It is possible to review the 925-930 range

(Vietnamese VCSC Trust Share Stock Company)

"The short-term technical features of the VN30 have improved from the neutral to verification and are in line with other features such as the VN-Index and the HNX-Index. The tops were set at the beginning of the -Samhain, at 930 points, 905 points and 105.5 points for VN-Index, VN30 and HNX-Index.

If we can break through these levels, the long-term turning pattern will be set, which allows us to expect a larger area of ​​growth, which is the current target of 950 points of the VN Index we have mentioned. in a previous newsletter.

The trading session on November 20 showed that Vietnam's stock market attempts to escape the world-wide stock market inconsistencies that are very unstable. The cashflow is expected to be & # 39; blue-tidy stocking tomorrow to get their market gradually, where the VN-Index can determine the threshold of 925-930 points. Investors can consider continuing to & # 39; Increase their share of stock from research on an average basis. "

Ascending to the face at 930

(Saigon – Hanoi Securities Share Stock Company – SHS)

"VN-Index is expected to continue in the trading session on November 21, to move rapidly to 930 points that correspond to the previous market . The stock watched almost 930 points to profit.

On the other hand, investors should not have a high level of equal impact and should only consider the money spent only if there is a successful breach of a & # 39; market of 930 points and closed above this level with good liquidity "

Security companies notified by VnEconomy are only marketed but valid as information source. Security companies may have a rivalry with investors when they make a judgment.

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