Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman among actors, senior officers involved in a scam to get into colleges. T


BOSTON – whistleblowers in Boston Tuesday asked for 50 people, including actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, in the scam for newcomers to the college last week. T States were convicted in the United States.

The authorities say that the action, called Varsity Blues, 33 parents found that US solicitor Andrew Lelling was classed as a "catalog of wealth and well-being" which paid a combined $ 25 million to a councilor t The College, along with a colleague called William Singer, who admitted him and agreed to co-operate in the study of Lelling's name, to blame for the increased corruption. integration into these colleges. ”

In exchange for the money, the bribed boss has referred to the college officers, coaches and college induction exams, who then helped students get in on “not on merit, but through illness,” said Lelling. .

The guilty singer in Boston has been forced to force communion and to hamper justice. Parents anywhere from $ 200,000 to $ 6.5 million cost parents to make sure that children have the opportunity to come in, officials said.

Officials say that 13 people were arrested by the FBI in Los Angeles and 38 of the 50 defendants who were arrested and arrested. Seven are working, and one in Hawaii is actively involved. Huffman was arrested at her house, while Loughlin is in Canada and is not cared for. She has been contacted by authorities, and knows she knows to be warranted to arrest her after her return to US.

Huffman appeared in court in Los Angeles and gave her permission to be released on $ 250,000 in orders, with orders not to travel outside the United States.

In some cases, the authorities said that Singer had put the SAT alone with a proctor he had bribed in Texas or California. In other cases, it was claimed that Singer bribed to coaches to set up false certificates identifying students as appointed athletes, even when those students had not played that sport.

In one incident organized by a whistleblower, it is estimated that the women's Yale football coach has been paid $ 400,000 to take a student although the candidate has not played the ball. T to walk. Parents of these students have said that they have paid Singer $ 1.2 million.

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The coaches worked in schools such as Stanford, Georgetown, Wake Forest, University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles. A man who was admitted to Iale was guilty of guilty and helped raise the case against others.

"People should today send the warning to others," said Joseph Bonavolonta the FBI. "You can't afford. You can't cheat, because you will be caught."

Authorities said that coaches such as sports such as football, sailing, tennis, water polo and payroll members have all paid to send students to lists of appointed athletes, regardless of their ability or ability. T knowledge. Once they had been passed, many of these students did not play the sport where they said they were excellent.

Prosecutors said that parents were also asked to say that their children had learning difficulties so that they could pass the Act or the SAT in their own right and that they would have more time. This made it easier to pull away from the attack, protesters said.

The candidates' athletes' certificates were thrown out with the help of staged pictures of their sports, or interesting drawings in which their faces were brought into a real athletes' body, authorities said.

The scheme in the country was condemned in Boston to some extent because it was later disclosed by FBI agents there by virtue of an unlawful operation. They say that false test marks were submitted to Boston College, Boston University and the north-east University.

Protesters said it was not an accident that students are not registered, though it has not been destroyed. But they were told that most situations were not known to the students what they had done to their college.

According to court documents, Huffman and her husband – the actor William H. Macy – made a "charitable contribution of $ 15,000 … to take part in the college's entry entry scheme on behalf of his eldest daughter. T second time, for her youngest daughter, before making a decision to do so. "

Federal agents report that they have recorded phone calls with Huffman and a co-operative witness. Macy is not paid or named in court documents.

The documents say that Loughlin and her husband agreed to pay pirates of $ 500,000 in exchange for their two daughters being appointed as a team for the USC team – despite not having part of the crew – enabling them to get to USC. "

Also in Loughlin is the gentleman, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli among those arrested.

Officials say they have emails from Loughlin.

Most of the suspects were charged with the murder of being made for post fraud and wireless fraud.

The College Board, which administers the SAT, states that it is co-operating with the enforcement of a law and issues the following statement: t

“The today's findings resulting from research carried out by the US Solicitors' Office in Massachusetts state clearly that those who will assist will attract the SAT – no matter what their income or income. status – accountable. we always make every effort to ensure that the majority of probationers have a fair and honest testimony to the rules. "


Stanford John Vandemoer sailing co-ordinator among several of the Bays charged with the accused of a murder of a college. T

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