Lose weight with pills … around the corner?


Missing too much weight is & # 39; help reduce cancer risk.

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A study has been carried out by scientists at the University of Flinders (Australia) and the Southwest Texas Medical Center (SA) to find that there is no mice; weighting even though they eat stops. A milestone was completed by a & # 39; delete the RCAN1 gene, the key to creating body fat.

The gene works as a guardian for the physical processes that turn fat to the body's heat. When scientists "removed it" in those mice, they found creatures that burn more loads – a & # 39; make more heat – than they were before and to be better. So the weight is getting.

For now, the tests were only carried out in mice, although the authors of the survey say that what is missing is needed to create a medical treatment aimed at people fat.

"We know that many people try to lose weight or, for a number of reasons, just control it. The result of this research is the first step for a pill that focuses on on RCAN1 work and reducing stress, "said Professor Damien Keating, one of the authors at the inspection.

In human body there are two types of fat: white and brown. The organism uses white – just the most visible and less vigorous – to store energy and brown ones, to burn and so on; generating body heat. The pipe would bring a fatty future into brown fat.

Scientists are clear that more studies are needed to prove that the same product is found in humans.


The pills to lose weight, around the corner?

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