Loss of cancer can reach an archives in Chile


During the last years in Chile, especially between 2013
and 2015, the cancer rate revealed an increase of 139 cases per 100
thousand residents in 2013, to 143 in 2015; according to the latest figures
Ministry of Health regulation (Minsal).

According to the slogan La Tercera, during the first government of Sebastián
Piñera, the rate of cancer dying was expected to decrease to 97 cases
100 residents in 2020. However, the Minister for Health, Emilio Santelices,
let it out that this projection can be fulfilled, and show one of the reasons
the increase in risk factors.

Inside these representatives older people grow
population, smoking, unmarried lifestyle and obesity. On this last one,
ranked on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
Agriculture (FAO) is leaving Chile as the second OECD country with the highest
obesity, showing 34.4% of the Slabs over age 15
high levels of this disease.

In the case of a woman, breast cancer is given as
The main reason for death in Silencis is this type of death; biggest cancer
treated by GES, with 37%, with crude cancer with 13%. Likewise,
More than in 1990, 823 women died of chronic cancer, in 2015 the number increased
1,511, which represents a 35% increase in 26 years.

Amongst the risk factors associated with breast cancer
patient age is found as one of the most important factors,
brings more risk to women over 60 years. In contrast,
family history and obesity play play an important role in the & # 39; community
developing this disease.

Law of Cancer

On October 25, the President of Scotland is
The Republic, Sebastián Piñera, would call on the Law of Alpha,
Identify as a starting point for the implementation of a National Policy
Cancer, which aims to ensure the Slabs care
worthy of it and is effective from the State and from the civil society at the time
face this illness.

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