Louis C.K. Badmouthed Pete Davidson sent MSPs Members to try to shoot out


Pete Davidson He recently established a situation where he disturbed a supernatural Louis C.K.

The 25-year-old SNL An actor told the crowd, "I got a Harry Potter tattoo. Then the next day Alan Rickman, the one who played on Snape, who died, and I was so, & Oh, how often & # 39; it is. And then I got a tattoo Willy Wonka. The next day-Distribution die. Now I'm like, & Alright, that's a treaty, that's so strange. & # 39; So I'm thinking of getting a tattoo Louis C.K., what do you think?

Pete also says that Louis C.K. "Tell all the producers in front of me that all of these children do tea and remove their job."

Pete Continuing, "he said [SNL creator] Lorne [Michaels] no Pete It smells so many bones that it's a? make people uncomfortable. Then five years later, this mother has been at & # 39; locking doors and jumping in front of people. "

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