"Love is so important"


The old member FO & O Oscar Enestad, 21, ready for Fèis Melody in 2019. And Oscar's award is about her lover Cecilia Dahlbom50

Oscar and Cecilia have been couples for over three years, and at first they were laughing at her sweetheart. Overall, due to the great difference in age.

Nyheter24 Talk to Oscar about his future love and plans.

The song Oscar plays in the Melody Festival about love, pain and freedom. The song is inspired by his own experience.

– Clearly, it was not hurt so. In my relationship, you have become painful and well-known but also lovely.

But for an Oscar, love is going well.


In October of this year, her lover filled her years and was marked out really. It was said that there was a romantic weekend in Paris.

– The memories you create in private relationships are very good, probably the first time & # 39; the first best memorabilia.

Oscar tells him he is a loving person.

"I love every day but I'm happy to get awake too. I think that love is so important.

The true text of the song describes Oscar's fighting so his parents can He admits Cecilia and his feelings for a 19-year-old woman. One of the text lines says "My love, my parents will not".

Rays & O

In 2017, Oscar had a competition with her; his previous band S & O in the & # 39; Melodifestivalen, and then got the second chance, he won and went to the border.

Oscar will compete in Malmö in Confrontation 2, among others, Andreas Johnson, Hanna Ferm and Liamoo, Margaret and Youtubern Vlad Reiser.

Not just an Oscar who competes in Melodifestivalen from FO & O without the presence of Omar Rudberg and his / her. play the song "Again" The three-season competition in Leksand.

Do you want to read more about Oscar and her beloved Cecilia? Here you can read about the best wishes received by Oscar from Cecilia.

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