"Lover" highlighted Rumor's relationship with Chi Pu on a generous television, showing her amazement; at present


In a broadcast of the "TV Star" program MBC on the evening of November 20, the actor Jin Ju Hyung First talk to publicize truth about truth; go back Chi PuPost-This response was subsequently withdrawn with the Korean media, which attracted small audience attention in kimchi.

In particular, MC Park Na Rae opened a story of Chi Pu: "We're saying" Chi Pu Kim Tae Hee Viet Nam ", I heard it's a big star in Vietnam." MC Park has been asking about the relationship between Jin Ju Hyung and Chi Pu, who recently released a series of two day evidence, make the actor out of bed. After a while, Jin Ju Hyung suddenly discovers: "Yes, we have" something "with us, but because of a geographic pace, we decided to be our friends. I still keep in touch but I do not have any more … ".

At this time, please contact Chi Pu, the female side has not responded to this information.

HOT: Yes

The Korean actor acknowledged that she had a relationship with Chi Pu on General Tunnel

HOT: Yes

Two have been running many times

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Recently on 18/11, her couple still have a & # 39; to walk together in Hoi An. Musicians say that the two are still going on, but indeed they have "walked away" and have maintained a friendship.

HOT: Yes
HOT: indicated

The MV couple played together and took part in many promotional events together

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