Low pressure to South Central


At the beginning of November 22, tropical dementia from the middle of the Filipin was introduced into China. At 11 o'clock, press down on the island of Song Tu Tay (in the Truong Sa, Vietnam) islands about 200 km, a maximum wind 60 km / h (level 7).

Travel management and range of tropical depression. Well: NCHMF.

Travel management and range of tropical depression. Well: NCHMF.

The USA, Japan, and Hong Kong meteorologists say that the tide is like in the west, with strong storms. On Tuesday morning 23/11, the Song Tu Tay island storm will be about 100km west, reaching up to 90 km / h (level 9).

Director of the National Center for Hydraulic Reflection and Hydro-Electric, Hoang Van Cuong, reported that the Vietnam Meteorological Office shared the same perspective on the route and predictions of the tourist resort by stations internationally. "The ability to reach a 24/11 storm can be reached by the South Coast, which reaches a 9-10 level, level 12", Cuong said.

Cuong said there was a path to the roof, apparently similar to Hurricane Damrey in 2017 (more than 40 deaths), but the water is larger, the strength of strong winds 10 is far and broader. There are three day expectations (from 24 to 26 November) with up to 500-600 mm.

Responses to plan

The storm area is expected to be full of residential, economic development and many international tourists. General Director of Natural Nature Tran Quang Hoai said local authorities in the area should have an impact on warning people and visitors who are not awful to see the storm.

Bloody Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) was very damaged by tephoon No. 8. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc.

Bloody Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa) was very damaged by tephoons. Photograph: Xuan Ngoc.

Just back from heavy damage caused by Toraji fire disease, said Hoang Van Thang Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Head of State. Central Management Committee for Disaster, it would be difficult for the forthcoming storm to be proven due to interaction with its wind. the season from the north side is down. "Two lessons we learned from Hurricane Damrey in December 2017 and the recent floods after Hurricane Toraji was damaging," said Thang.

Because he suffered his & # 39; Divide due to poor illness due to the Toraji No. 8 disease, Le Duc Vinh, Chairman of Khanh Hoa division, recorded water (300 mm in six hours) on a landslide, killed healthy floods 19 people, 28 people were injured … "The continent has responded actively to the storm but due to complex developments, no response should be just limited, healthy," said Vinh. Its share will just be & # 39; affecting the incident after Hurricane Toraji, and responding to the storm to prevent damages.

City HCM representatives said that the town met the 21st November evening to meet. Many of the areas have plans to move people from essential places, preparing the essential materials. In particular, the People of the Can Giovanni Group has planned to stop the house, and move people from the critical places. If the storm goes in, the District of Can Gio is about 4,000 people; an emergency of almost 2,000 people.

It does not have to remember units that n "#; However, the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Head of Natural Disasters of Nguyen Xuan Cuong, said the direction of the storm was directed directly to the South Central Ministry. Strong storms, as well as the interaction of other weather patterns such as monsoon, tidal sea, are very dangerous.

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung asked relevant ministries to send representatives to the tone zone to arrange the response plan; Ensuring safety for people, boats, jobs; There are no people in the sea, cages when the storm is.

"All reservoirs and dams must be investigated and investigated to have an answer plan." Even more importantly, work needs to be done in the most appropriate way, and to ensure the safety of dams and areas down. Water for the dry season, "said Deputy Prime Minister.

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