Low tropical pressure continues to rise in South China Sea


(Justice) – Vietnam's northern parts of cold movement with the lowest temperatures have been popular 16-19 degrees C, 13-15 foul areas Celsius degrees. Southern central areas Low tropical pressure with strong strength on storm Sun-

The north air is cold with the minimum general temperature of 16-19 degrees, 13-15 degrees Celsius degrees

According to the National Water Supply Center, early morning (22/11) new airh It affected the northern regions of North Vietnam, some of the places in the North West and in the middle of its northern extremities; leaves a rainfall and scattered waste. In Camus Tonkin, the north east of level 7, level 8 was strong.

Weather: Day and night (22/11), cold air continues to continue; affecting other parts of the North West, North Central and then to & # 39; affecting some places in the middle of the middle. North-east wind on mainland level 3, level 3-4 coasts. In the northern areas of the air, cold with the lowest temperature is usually 16-19 degrees C, foul places 13-15 degrees Celsius.

Due to the effects of the cold air in the northern part of the morning, there were water, some areas with heavy rain, heavy rain and storms, after some water; The places of the North and Central Center water, mixed water, heavy rain and thunderstorms; Through storms, storms, stormy winds and winds can be. In the north east with 6-7 strong north-east winds, level 9; North-east wind in the north-east wind gradually gradually to level 7, curving level 9; dynamic sea.

Weather Ha Noi: rain morning, rain rain, after some places rain; the cold weather is at the lowest temperature of 17-19 degrees Celsius.

Tropical low turmoil can be strengthened in a storm

At 4 o'clock, a centerpiece tropical depression Eilean Tu Tu Tay (in the Spratly Islands) about 400km east of the southeast. Strongest wind near low pressure 7 tropical, level 9. Radius strong wind level 6, level 8 about 80 kilometers from the center of tropical dementia.

Forecast for next 24 hours, low weight the zone will move northwest to the northwest for 15-20 km per hour and may be strong storms. At 04:00 on 23/11, the place of the storm center is just on the island of Song Tu Tay (which belongs to the Spratly Islands). The strongest winds near a strong storm 8-9, level 12. Wind radius of level 6, level 8 which gets around 150km from the middle of the storm.

North The spear is moving cold, there is a tropical pressure; going to Sarah China

Tropical location and psychotherapy

Due to the effects of tropical dementia, in the South of the Peace, the East Sea has been wet, from winds early in the morning of 6-7, after rising to 8-9 levels fish 11; Sea is very strong. Accident Risk Level: Level 3.

The danger zone in South China Sea in the following 24 hours: (strong winds of 6 and higher) from 9.5 to 13.0 wide latitude north; Eastbound 112.5 eastbound.

In the next 24 to 48 hours, the crop will move westward, approximately 15km per hour, and it appears to be increased. Until 04:00 on November 24, the storm situation runs off the South Coast side; Chladaich about 190km east. The strongest wind near a strong 9.9 strong storm (75-100km / h) level, level 12. Risk level disaster: level 3.

In the next 48 to 72 hours, the tephoon will move to the west, every time that is in the past; 10km travel. At 4:00 p.m. on November 25, the mainstream of the mainland in South Central is the mainland. The strongest wind near a strong 9.9 strong storm (75-100km / h) level, level 12. Risk level disaster: level 3.

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