LPN launches "New Year's Eve with Lumpini Township, Rangsit-Klong 1"



Mr Surawit Sukcharoensin, Principal Presiding Officer, Strategic Planning and Business Planning, LPN said LPN Development Public Company Limited (LPN) was by the end of the year, People and people started to build families who want quality housing by & nbsp; including the Rangini Township Rangsit-Khlong 1. Chips Rangsit – Klong 1 "campaign in the face of A and B as it is close to the entrance to the project. Mall Place shopping center helps to stay.

At the same time, it is considered to be an affordable affordable (affordable price) product that starts at just 700,000 baht restricted to 240 units. LPN has designed Design and Value for Service for its residents. Parking (closure), LPN Security bicycle rental, security system, barrier road, 24 hour security protection, police officer, daily security check, CCTV, charter charter (contract, parking car) Areas General Including Fitness Range, athletics, swimming pool, street basketball court, futsal and living space.

Rangsit's big city abilities are also rich, with reasons of coming to the town fairly, because it is close to its location. airport. There are two line paths that are being built. Bang Sue – Rangsit and continuing to Thammasat University, Rangsit Center (plan for opening in 2020) and expanding a green line from Mo Chit – Saphan Mai – Khukot. (Plans to be opened in 2020)

Traveling by private car, Si Rat Expressway, Chaengwattana, Bang Poon or Don Mueang Tollway. It can run into the center of its home, such as Sathorn, Silom, Siam. The Kanchanapisek Road road and Narong-Ramintra route can also be easily accessed. There are also MEGA Rangsit and Central Rangsit projects near schools such as the University of Rangsit, University of Bangkok, Thammasat University, Residency Area.

The market for rented flats in this area is also difficult, as there are more and more applications. LPN has produced the "Lumpini Township, Rangsit-Khlong 1 product. Specific Zone F and G, size of 21.50 square meters, rented for 5,000 Baht / month rent. Furnished furnace and electric appliances. Fitness Range, Cooperative Place , fitness and relaxation.

Including a van. To Castlefield Future Park 19 tours per day from 06.00-20.00 hours, mobile bus transfer to the Parking (closing) cycle, cycle bike (Spinning in the project), Blue Mart: Cabinets Vending Wash Coin: On-line wash-in service with self-application through demand when the laundry is ready, an LPN Security security system with a wooden casing system. – 24 hour security guard, police officers daily inspection, car access CCTV keys – out.

Increase the Cash Back to up to 4,800 baht / one-year rent room and member Get Member (MGM) for tenants and councilors. The maximum amount of 4,800 baht / room can not be lost this year.

For customers interested in renting their room. 1. Insurance insurance 1 month 2. Priority insurance 3,000 baht 3. Rent 1 month 4. Rent a term of 1 year and if you want to buy yourself LPN is willing to sell at a special price.

"Undertake the ownership of Rangsit's quality accordion From here to the end of 2018, for more information. Sales Office Lumpini Town Chips Rangsit – Khlong 1 Telephone 0-2159-3338 or Call Center LPN 0-2689-6888 and www.lpn .co.th "

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