LTV: Volksteinstein held in a "Satiksme" League criminal issue issued for security of € 100,000 – Criminal records – News


Vinclinstein lawyer has not given any comments to the broadcast.

LETA has already reported that the Riga City Vidzeme District Court agrees at the beginning of its time; February without changing to & # 39; a precautionary step – a prerequisite on Voklinstein.

As stated, the Bovir Boat and Promotion Bureau (KNAB) has commenced three-year criminal issues made by "Rīgas satiksme" – purchases of low ground trams in 2016, which were 62 597 477 barley , trolleybuses purchases in 2013, the total of 131 646 135 bullies, as well as bus provision in 2013, and b. It is the total of 75 808 297 euro.

In criminal proceedings, bankruptcy of officers and cash glare will be investigated.

At the beginning of December, Riga City Vidzeme's District Court opened seven of the suspects involved in prison. They were a long-term member of the "Gods to serve Riga" party, businessman Aleksandrs Krjačeks, Volkinsstein, who chaired the "Lion satiksme" Leons Bemhens, Vladislavs Kozaks, an officer of the trim and trolley makers " Škoda Transportation ", entrepreneur Maris Martinsons and businessman Edgars Teterovskis, representing other criminal proceedings.

At the same time, Teterovsky's company and a Kozaka member that was run once on the Servis Riga Tram board, which now has a firm company, has already been estimated unsafe safety.

Krjack was also released a week later.

It is clear from the KNAB that the criminal proceedings have been initiated with representatives from the Czech and Polish companies, in agreement with the Riga City Council accountable officers and "Rīgas satiksme", as well as representatives of the company related to "Serbian satin", which attracts a natural and natural person. related people. These people were involved in a cash glow and provided a financial stream to attract real and visual companies, make sure they pay bribea to Riga City Council's responsible officers and "Rīgas satiksme" in connection with three pricing.

The KNAB also identified, in the criminal proceedings initiated by the Bureau, bringing up to a percentage of total amount of value; charter. Work to clarify the amount of bribes in KNAB crime issues; follow.

"Not personalized" said that all trolleybuses, buses and trams were delivered to Riga, a proportion of 5-7% was paid in bubbles. The total value of the three purchases is higher than EUR 270 million, so EUR 13.5-20 million can be paid in bubbles.

The KNAB earlier stated that cooperation between the offices and foreign partner services in this area was initiated just over a year ago, when KNAB reported Anti-Corruption Service Poland (CBA) and other partner services about specific people, possibly offenders. Based on the information given by the KNAB, the CBA started its criminal proceedings. The KNAB has emphasized that information is filed by the CBA 800,000 euros in its initial estimate that the CBA has been identified so far, but the investigation continues in this regard and the amounts can still be increased .

Previously, it was reported that the entire board "Ligas satiksme" was suspended in connection with the event, but at the moment its temporary interim contracting company. Andris Ameriks (GKR), Deputy Chief of Riga, resigned. The media said America had found a place to stay, but did not give any comments about it, saying that its consciousness was true.

Later, the search was also carried out in the cabinet and in the residence of Maori Riga, Nila Ushakova (S).

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