Lu came to Taiwan to visit relatives and helped him to wash the lines. The watch was removed with the county of the next day Health Association


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She has been visiting families every time in a while. After getting to Taiwan this March this year, she got a family name from Lin who opened the restaurant, although the other party said that she did not. her case about living accommodation fee. She did not want to go to the shop to wash the vessels to help, but she did not expect to be understood, but the next day was taken away with the gendarmerie in harassment "The Taiwan and Tier- big. "

When she came to Taiwan, she would stay with her relatives, but she did not. she got accustomed to. When she returned to relatives in March this year, she went to Lin's family, and the other party moved the sitting room on the second floor of the restaurant for use. In addition, it is easy to eat at the night market, but it also has a " refusing to cost a living place. She & she; It really feels like that, and it will take the initiative to go down the stairs to help the girl clean when she has time.

▲ ► Wash snacks, sponge girls. (Figure / CFP)

▲ Chen took the initiative to go to the restaurant to help wash the vessels, but it was not understood that he was working illegally and reported. (scheme / CFP, not related to this article)

I did not expect to wash any time. The next day runs the clock to catch the watch. Chen knew who believed she was mistaken for a person who was based on illegally working land, trying to say she did not visit her relatives but for help, and did not get any salary. The restaurant staff also said that the recent leader told friends and relatives to borrow. I've been working in the shop for about 10 years or seeing it for her. first time. He should have only one worker in the shop busy on the occasion day, and was kind to help the ships.

Procuratorrate Procuratorrate Shilin Attorney visited visiting induction information from Chen's woman and found out that she had visited Taiwan on trips to visit relatives. In addition, she did not receive any evidence of illegal work or compensation. So she did not know she did not; including illegal work. Finally, depending on the lack of evidence, decide the surname of Lin.

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