Lu Fang made a political event with the Taiwan Business Office. Complaint student complaints caused – Free Asia Radio Cantonese (RFA)

Lu Fang made a political event with the Taiwan Business Office. Concerning conflict student complaints. Free Free Radio Cantonese (RFA)

A hosted music program with Continental TV Station in Taiwan for three years after each other on promoting political events when it was held again in Taiwan University this year. Due to the propaganda posters of the organizers, the words "National" were deleted when they entered the Taiwan University, and "Taipei City" was replaced instead. Instead, it has caused unwillingness to many students and civil society. During the program, students complained and completed the event in advance. God organizes the "policing" of a single business of non-governmental exchange activities. Taiwan's mainland Taiwan officials said that the mainland authorities have tackled the case of Hong Kong in recent years and Li Mingzhe's event in Taiwan has been a major opposition to a younger generation in Taiwan. (Report by Wen Yuqing) The Zhejiang TV "New Song of China" music program was held on Sunday (24th) when a Taiwan course and event was held at Taiwan University (named as: National Taiwan University), a group of students and non-governmental parties present to make a complaint, during the time and China's suggestion At the end, disruptions between the unified people went to blood. Gong and Sword said, a mainland applicant who stayed in Taiwan, for Taiwanese on 25th that the bloody conflict was caused by the work to do so; closing the University of Taida and its range and range for seven days, affecting the normal activities and curriculum of teachers and students. The name of the "National Taiwan University" school was taken from the word "N√†iseanta" and became the "Taipei Taipei Taipei", which caused more unhappy among students. Gong and Sword said Taiwan had a voice that the "New Song of China" program is used as an integrated face device with its CCP. Many of the youngest generations of "one country, two systems" are made in name only after the re-integration, and a number of events in Taiwan. They have been very frightened against the mainland. So, this will "go to the national event" a & # 39; challenging this. Gong and Jian said: I'm feeling that work is being done. CCP on a united face of Taiwan to promote the sensitive causes of a younger generation in Taiwan. For example, Zhou Ziyu's excuse, and then Li Mingzhe convicted guilty …

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