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Taiwan's elections have become hot, and Taiwanese students studying in China's mainland have returned to Taiwan to take time to vote. Shoutou people who are 20 years old have just started to vote. They are Voting as an opportunity to compete with the governing party in a straight and straight ball; It benefits your family and friends who have not seen each other for a long time.

Wang Yuyu began to study in the mainland of China, still real nostalgia. (Zhongtian Photograph / News)

Wang Yuqi, currently the president of Taiwan University at the University of China, left his home three years ago and went to Beijing for learning only. After working for finance in the mainland of China, he plans to live and work. Although he misses Taiwan, his way of working and the future in Beijing. Development is a reasonable idea. It is the vote in the Wang Yuxi statement statement, and he also started his & her; take social responsibility. He said, "I am now twenty years old. I can go to the polls for the first time. & # 39; It's a little nostalgia. ; in the main reason to go back. "

Lai Yuren, who is also learning in Beijing, is studying for a legal doctorate at Peking University. It will still be & # 39; going through the VPN to see public political meetings, care about current issues, and understand the meat meat that has been introduced by a number of candidates. Ten referendum recommendations, Lai Yuren, said: "The question about four nuclear weapons has been arguing for a long time, especially that one of the main DPP government charts is in ruled. " "I think this is just a game between the people and the DPP." Cothrom. "

Lai Wei served through the VPN over the wall to see public political meetings and care about current issues. (Zhongtian Photograph / News)

Huang Jingting, who is also the first agent, remained in Beijing after graduating from college this year. As a new worker in the workplace, she did not take time from the company, but she still has a job; Caring for Taiwan elections when he communicates with her family, and she's a fight for economics in Korea. The slogan is very aware. She said that, when she goes home every year, she finds her parents' hair more acute. If they have the opportunity, they want to go home and do not want to move again.

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