Lu will permit Taiwan residency. The MAC gives agreement to the united face, which remind Chinese people to take care of today's news stories at Cross-Strait


▲ Mainland China states that it will launch
▲ Mainland China announced the launch of "Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Residency Residential Consent" in September. The 18 meter residency, which is similar to the Chinese mainland identity card and is used to "determine the identity of the mainland". (Figure / figure from China Net, 2018.8.16)

China's mainland today (16th) said it launched "Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Residency Residential Consent" in September. The 18-meter residency, which is similar to the Chinese continental identity card and is used to "determine the identity of the mainland." The MAC said that the United States added "residence permit" to the United States, and it will not affect Taiwan's love and acquaintances. He also says that the mainland has used surveying cameras throughout their home to monitor its & # 39; the public. Remind people who are planning to go to the land to give more attention to this.

The State Council Information Office held a news conference on the morning of the 16th to announce the "Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Residency Residential Permit Application" will affect on September 1. As long as they have been in & # 39; live on the mainland for more than half a year, they deserve legal permanent employment, a permanent legal residence, and continuous reading. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who are one of the conditions of applying for Hong Kong and Pass Pass or Taiwan Compatriot 5th-year Qualification can do what they want. It is emphasized that Taiwan's co-operators need not be able to; apply for a family registration permit on the mainland, and do not have to leave the Taiwanese family record. "The right rights and responsibilities that are currently in Taiwan should not be affected."

In response, the MAC said that the mainland has been implementing 31 established Taiwan-based measures against Taiwanese people; going to mainland to explore and work. Even some areas and towns have the same medication measures introduced to those who live in the area. Follow the mainland to promote the consistent approach to Taiwan's united union measures.

The MAC stated that Monday would provide temporary residency for the Taiwanese people to land, currently and, launches "Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Residency Residency Application" and "residence permit" application. Hong Kong and Macao people participate in social insurance, employment and other rights or their rights; enjoy public services and facilities. The MAC believes that it is part of the integrated measure of integrated cure.

However, the MAC has stated that the difference between the "temporary residence permit" and the "residence permit" and that there is a greater difference between the application for "occupancy permit" and the MAC.

The MAC believes that the Taiwanese people who are in Investigating and working in the land affecting the growing knowledge of a democratic and free American Taiwan environment. The United States will provide a "residency permit" strategy for the unified agreement and it will not affect Taiwan's love for this land. And identity. The government will continue to promote the normal and orderly development of cross-border interventions and the protection of Taiwan's freedom, democratic institutions and the security and welfare of humans.

The MAC also said that the Chinese mainland government has built a "Skynet" project over the last few years, and monitors cameras across the world. town to control the management of people and vehicles in the town; Through the surveillance system, mainland officials in the mainland have been in & # 39; holds more than 1 billion people face. There are identifying records, once it is & # 39; searching for the challenger, the search and administration tool is in place, and the births will be recorded through current identity technology, and with the "social credit system" to monitor the & # 39; the public in detail. Lufang also said that the "residency permit" was used to use the same technical standards as the " identity identity card. There may be special dangers for taiwanese people who are interested in trying to work or do; Attending school in China mainland. People should be remembered to pay more attention.

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