Luca di Montezemolo spoke about Alonso


If there was a lost voice in all of these Ferrari foods that followed Fernando Alonso's sake; leaving Luca di Montezemolo. The strongest man left the captain in gold years Formula 1 some of the conceptions that surprised them.

It does not mean that the team was not good. But he wants to work a lot with his behavior, his opinion. Because it was easier to criticize in a difficult puzzle. Not to be outside, but within the team, which is better. Fernando did not face the team Luca began to speak.

The former Ferrari chief told him that Alonso was always crucial to the team but internal doors. The Spaniards had only one goal; Win That's the same thing that belonged to the Spaniard when he went to his car.

In his worst times, he showed himself, he had personal doubts and he thought what I should do? Perhaps the engine photographer looks out, what can I do better in the team? And he said to himself, for example: I have to try the engineer to change the job, perhaps Is it better to & # 39; Domenicali's confirmation for change said Montezemolo before it came and went mind of the pilot that won two world-wide awards at the time

In addition Italy is more light: He was in doubt about the team's general competition. But even so, it was very hard, I was trying to get out of her & # 39; car even in difficult situations, Luca di Montezemolo completed.

Italy is today firm in football world but does not forget the good years of Formula 1 where he was familiar with living with a strong pilot with Fernando Alonso at that time. Today when the years passed Issues that are displayed are displayed. mark the path of each character.

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