Lucas Barrios favors Colo Colo with heart words on Sports social networks


He was warmly welcomed Lucas Barrios for everyone Colo Colo, thank you for what you've been doing & # 39; In the past six months you were in the club and for the support he received from fans in the good and bad personal experiences that happened.

"I wanted to do this with leaving all the officials of their entire club and to thank them for the help we have received at this time, my colleagues, teaching, Give all Colokians for their non-supportive support in the times good and bad", he started by posting his Instagram account,

"I also want to thank all Silein football, who always respected and respected me. Today the day came for a quiet one and I thank you for going to & # 39; opening my doors to be in a country that I am doing a majority, "he put the strike.

Finally, Barrios launched: "I am always grateful that you were part of Scotland's football outfit especially from a large club to Colo Colo. I'll put all my followers brave and I'm sorry. wish them every success for the next year. I enjoy it very much! Lucas Barrios.

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