Lucas Pratto, a sense of merit and explanation celebrated at Bernabéu – 12/11/2018


May 2018. "People River put your pocket into play well, and & # 39; achieving goals and winning titles. I had to win an important man (the Argentine Supercup in the final against Boca) and we hope we will continue with the Libertadores because you win that Cup there if you stay forever in history; club. And that is what I'm looking for. "That's what Lucas Pratto told him Clarin After completing the first semester, length & # 39; and he still included Núñez club applications.

December 2018. "I am very pleased with the achievement of my most important task so far. I followed this pack so great that I can & # 39; defeat him. I feel full of ", the man said to Clarín before leaving Madrid and going to Abu Dhabi. Another Cup with the River, again hit Boca. Two subtitles with the red band and the two after they have been able to; hitting the successful competitor in the final It helps

Pratto came to the River to run that dream. His Liberals were head. I had been searching for it by Catholic University of Chile, Le Vélez, le Atlético Mineiro and San Pablo, to not succeed. He came to the River with the firm decision to proceed. He was passionate about the Marcelo Gallardo project. And he thought the dream was closer to his hand. He got full. "I felt that Gallardo's ability could afford me to win this Cup and I was not wrong," said the Bear.

-That Gallardo gives him a special technology?

-There is much clarity in the head. Both he and his rest of his staff. See the previous months before and during the games. He knows what he needs to get out and who he will. And the techniques are very good. I was able to come with him and fortunately, to be a hero.

-How the reasons to be your eyes?

-We are a good team, good coach, good technical team. Everyone who works behind us knows exactly what they are doing, we all made sacrifices and we did a good semester in which we put off the Cup to classical competitors ( Rèisean, Independiente and Boca) and who is the last adjective in America (Guild). We were not just games. And on top of that we were able to win the final against her; competitors for life.

– It was odd to play and to get the Olympics back in; Bernabéu?

-We all wanted to play at home as we were entitled to, but that's what we played at Bernabéu and we did it. usual for us. It was weird but what was to do.

-There are your goals in these final decisions against Boca to send a & # 39; believe that you have already returned all that they have paid for you. Do you think it's not a #; talk about that more?

-I do not worry about talking, if they want to, & # 39; speak. The subject is to stay outside of everything and to work to improve. I know I have support with the most important in the club, who is the president (Rodolfo D 'Onofrio) and also the tutors and players.

– Funes in # 86; Crespo in # 96; 96, Alario in 2015 and Pratto in 2018. – Are you aware that your goals in the finals are scheduled for eternity ? What makes you up?

"It is a great pleasure to be able to record my surname in the history of the River and that I can be remembered as the successors that have succeeded in a very important goal for the history of their club.

-What are the goals you are living? The one from La Bombonera no from Bernabéu?

-The two main goals, in interesting months, in which the team was lost. But the Bernabéu makes it more specific than the fact that I did not think I played in that place again (laughter).

– And marked (as if it were to be done, with a counterpart and armor) to what was close?

My daughter was aware that there were several games back and she wanted me to go to; marked like this. I forgot to forget and I just remembered it.

– Have you already been in what they were doing?

-We will fall slowly. But I think we're going to; understand with time. And we can say that we have achieved the most important benefit in the history of the river. It seems that there is a historical history. And it can not be matched but if the other end of the Libertadores Cup between the River and Boca is given. But this one thing will be special because it was explained in Bernabéu and I do not believe it will happen again that it is explained in this stadium.

– Will he change his hand against Boca? Now is a father from the River?

-This story is very similar to classical classes and in recent years the River enjoys fans by doing it. winning and in important games for the ever-standing rival.

– Did Andrada do you a criminal?

-Sa, and tell me Cunha. But I also know it's very difficult to run such a game. I think it is a good referee, who had mistakes and success as they all are. I think he played it well but that game was offensive.

-You got what you wanted in football. How will it be followed?

-An now we have two games left to win the World Cup Cup. We are just able to relax during Christmas. The river's history allows us to do more. I won the Cup I've ever wanted to win but now I want more and I want to win the Club World Cup.

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